Patch Anouncement

Tue, 10/02/2015 - 17:30

There has been already a discussion in forum regarding next patch and upcoming updates. 
We are in position to verify these implementations to Darkfall, coming last week of February and we hope you will love them as much as we do. 

Clan Perks

We will be introducing a clan perks system based on our original player perks. These perks will be distributed to Hamlets all around Agon. Thus, clans will be able to invest dominion, a much underused currency to enable their clannies to take advantage of said perks.

Each holding will unlock a unique perk, and multiple perks can be used at the same time by the owning clan. We expect holding value to increase after this change, which in turn will drive more conflict especially around the holdings that unlock the most valuable perks.

There will be some overlap with the relics system and as such clans will be able to offset some of their disadvantage of not owing a specific holding with a relic.

Instant Travel

Instant travel makes the world feel less populated since players can and will avoid to their advantage other encounters, or congregate massively and instantly to places of action.
Removing the easily available Summon Friend capacity, as well as rune stones, will increase player movement out in the world, and give more meaning to travelling-faster-on-roads, risk-reward mechanism.

In the same vein, teleportation will become more expensive and only possible via the stationary portals scattered around the world.

Note that "Summon Apprentice" will still be available.

The existing materials used in teleportation (portal shards, rune stones) will now become ingredients in a recipe for a “Teleportation Rune” to be used as the necessary material to activate the portal.

We will also incur a 30 min teleportation sickness buff so as players cannot abuse portals hoping around Agon if rich enough to do so.

Mount Changes

Mounts currently have no variation, serve the same purpose, and cost the same. We will differentiate existing mounts by introducing different advantages and disadvantages, different costs, different recipes and different mount tiers for each of the mount types.

Attributes that will be changed include health, attack damage, speed and carrying capacity.
Note that for higher mount tiers, for every attribute with increased value, there will be an attribute that will have a lower than average value.

Dynamic Events

The Christmas event was a glimpse of what would follow regarding dynamic events. With this addition, random events will happen 24/7 in the world of Agon. Random tiered monster will be buffed with loot while the event is running. Once a number of these monster is killed, bosses will be spawned and markers will be placed in the map so players can track them. Rest assured this is only the beginning and we are going to build up more on this.
We will be in position to elaborate more on this in the following days.


We've have informed you previous weeks regarding the addition of a Leaderboard system. You can read more about the design of the system here.


We constantly monitor skills and their impact in-game. We are going to focus tweaking some abilities, fixing some exploits and bring some new gameplay elements into the game. Specifics will follow the closer we get to patch day.

Thank you for reading.