Double Prowess Weekend Kicks off One Year Anniversary


Prepare yourselves! Gather your clans! Invite your friends in the game using the new buddy key option! Next week we are celebrating our first anniversary!

Throughout the week there will be announcements, festivities to participate in, memories to reminisce and a glimpse into the future... as well as our next patch which introduces armor dyes for character customization and the mentor system for training new players.

Announcing Armor Dyes (+Screenshots)

Dyes are being introduced to the game in our upcoming patch, and today we're sharing some information about them:

Territory Control mechanics video


In the video below you can check out details on the mechanics Darkfall's Territory Control component and  the Levy Collector, integral parts of Darkfall's sandbox direction

Vision, Direction and Immediate Plans

Today with this communication we hope to make the community a part of our vision, direction and immediate development plans for Darkfall Unholy Wars.

Darkfall Unholy Wars Tournament: Burning Embers Rumble

We released a short highlight video of the Burning Embers Rumble tournament, as we approach the finals this coming weekend.

Darkfall Unholy Wars Anniversary Video Contest

April marks Darkfall Unholy Wars’ one year anniversary and to commemorate this we would like to embark on another collaborative video project with our players.