Gameplay Video - Friday August 19 2005
Posted by Tasos on August 19, 2005 13:46
An unofficial Darkfall gameplay video is out. You can find more information about it in this thread

"Read More" for an announcement about this leaked video.

The video isn't that old. It's a leak that we decided to own up to and Deyth

was given permission to show it. There are probably more of them. I believe this was taken using a digital camera during some playtesting.

Some things that we need to explain about what you're looking at:

  • The characters showing in the video are not NPC guards, they're player characters that we use for testing. You can make out some NPCs standing behind the tables in the marketplace in the background.
  • The staff isn't a melee weapon and that's why the character wielding it is in first person. It's a dwarven mage staff and that's why it looks so compact and solid like a mace. If the character switched to a melee weapon he would have gone into third person.
  • The first person hands and art in general that you see in the video are temps and so is the movement, the distance from the viewer, the animation etc.
  • Casting time and the casting bar are disabled in this instance for testing purposes.
  • Graphics are improved, and will be further improved from what you see in the leaked video
  • The health bar contains an insane amount of hitpoints for the testing of the battle system and that's why you don't see much of a change on it
  • Many of the things you see in this video are temporary, other things are not activated, or showing, or optimized.

We would have preferred an official release for the first Darkfall gameplay video but this is out there now, it's Darkfall, so there you go.

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