Release the Krakens Weekend Event

"Release the Krakens" is our new Weekend Monster Event that will run from Friday's maintenance until Monday's maintenance. Read on for the awesome details!

Black Knight Monster Weekend Event

This weekend Black Knights are going to be harder, and more rewarding than usual. It's a great opportunity to take advantage of their temprorary upgrade. The event lasts until Monday's maintenance. 


The Black Knights - A Black Νight for Agon

Balance Patch July 2


As promised, with today's maintenance we will apply a patch. Please keep in mind that the server downtime will be the usual patch downtime.

This patch contains the following:

Balance Changes


Darkfall Unholy Wars direction & next milestones

With the release of the Custom Roles patch, and several follow-up fixes and adjustments, now behind us, we would like to take this opportunity to share our current, and future, plans with you.

Darkfall Unholy Wars Lore Part 3: Lost Civilizations

Back to Part 2: Bestiary

Lost Civilizations

Chal d'Ean