The Market System and Changes to Villages

Fri, 05/07/2013 - 19:26

The Market is a new, highly requested and highly anticipated feature for Darkfall Unholy Wars and it is being added in next week's patch. Changes to villages are happening to make them more meaningful to own and to revitalize that part of the clan meta-game.

The following insight comes from feedback from our design department, specifically from designers Vangelis Kalaitzis and Elias Tarnaras on two of the upcoming features of next week's patch:

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The Market System

The Markets can be found in the four NPC capitals, with plans to introduce more in the future. Players can browse the market from any location, simply by clicking on the button in the GUI. To place and fulfill orders, players need to travel to one of the capitals and to interact with the Market building.

Markets in Darkfall Unholy Wars use an order system. Players can place and fulfill sell and buy orders. The sell order is offering an item at a specific price and any item can be placed on the market for sale by any player and can be fulfilled by any player with the required gold in their backpack. Players can also place buy orders for stackable items. Anyone can fulfill a buy order by having the specific item in sufficient quantity in their backpack.

Markets also operate as a tool for player created quests. New players looking to earn gold can work to fulfill buy orders that are available.

Areas around the markets will be hubs of activity, meeting places and a good place to form or join parties and to recruit or be recruited.

Markets will create a more transparent game economy and will reduce existing trading hassles. They will also make the economy truly player driven. Prices will drop where there is abundance, and rise for highly requested or rare items. We expect that there will be efforts by players to control the offer on certain items globally to maximize their profits. The market tax, order fees, and courier fees are useful gold sinks for the game economy. Markets also remove trade risks, the danger of being conned or scammed during trades, which in itself should boost the trading volume considerably.

Finally Markets also give developers detailed data on demand for specific items which allows us to have a better picture when balancing the game.

Changes to Villages

The design team wanted to share the following thoughts on villages since we've always wanted them to be an essential part of the game and especially of the clan holding meta-game. Seeing that this has not been the case so far, villages have not been the focal point in territory control and the PvP hubs that we would have liked them to be, we're applying the following changes with next week's patch as a first step in upgrading Villages:

Capturing a village will now reward the player who scored the last hit on the village stone with ten times more prowess. Any prowess gained from this activity will be split among party members.

Item rewards from villages will be dispersed every 10 minutes. Chances of receiving items when stealing from a village have been increased to 50% on first 10 minute interval, 75% on the second and 100% from the third interval onward. Prowess rewards for stealing have been adjusted accordingly.

A new static container called the Casket of Spoils will appear in both the players and the clan banks. This is an addition that was planned for a later patch but we are trying to get it in next week's patch. This container cannot be moved, renamed or deleted and all rewards from villages and other automatic systems will be placed in it. This will make it easy to see one with one look the rewards that flow in from these systems.

To make capturing a village more meaningful, villages will remain invulnerable for 20 hours after being captured. Once that period expires, the village will remain vulnerable in the possession of the clan for another 10 hours.

An issue that caused vulnerable villages to become neutral at server maintenance has also been addressed and the timers will now continue to count down normally.

Arrows, Elemental Dust and Prayer Beads will now drop in larger quantities and a chance for Building modules has been added to the loot tables. The gold per house per tick has also been quadrupled.

Villages in subcontinents will now drop one of the four primary materials only and specific villages will have a relative higher chance of dropping materials of a certain rarity. So for example, all Rybaiyat villages will now drop only cloth at four times the chance of mainland villages, and Fahnark specifically will have double the chance of dropping Selentine Cloth.

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