Followup to Yesterday’s Announcement

Wed, 12/12/2012 - 20:30

We truly regret the last minute announcement, but we want you to know that we didn’t wait until the last minute to make it; we made it as soon as we had the information. We also want you to know that 55 people fought until the last minute to make that announcement unnecessary.  This is not a matter of lack of respect towards the community; it’s a matter of unfortunate timing. Our respect for the community is part of our process; we factor it into most of our decisions. We have done our best to improve our community interaction and communication and we will continue to do so through this setback.

We don’t need to tell you how incredibly complex MMO development is, with thousands of things needing to come together and how issues can pop up at the last minute. It’s ultimately our duty to do what’s best for the game and for our players. That’s why we didn’t launch the game today, and it’s why we decided to take this opportunity to put it through beta. We’re not using Steam as an excuse. We’re gamers and we love Steam and what it has brought to our gaming experience, so it’s natural to want our game to launch on Steam.

Instead of simply announcing a delay yesterday, we decided to attack the issues, look at it as an opportunity to make the game better by involving the community, and to give it a chance at a better launch. We hope that the community will ultimately agree that we made the right choices. Until then, we would like to apologize for the disappointment our announcement caused.