Darkfall Unholy Wars Halloween Sale. (Free weekend on 30/10 - 1//11)

Tue, 27/10/2015 - 16:45




It is said that on route home after a night’s drinking, Yrrak the Vile, once king of the orks, encountered Malaut and tricked him into climbing a nearby harvesting tree.  The cunning Yrrak etched the sign of Auros into the bark, thus trapping the demon Malaut.  The wily but inebriated Yrrak then struck a bargain with the currently treed and highly irate lord of the twilight kingdom ensuring his soul would never be claimed by the dread realm.  As every good Ork with a get out of hell, free card, Yrrak then led a grand life of sin, drink, and mendacity, thus being refused entry to the eternal halls upon his death.  Gleefully keeping his promise, Malaut also refuses to let Yrrak into the Twilight Kingdom and throws a surging fireball born of the fires of hell at him.  Feeling the cold of undeath and limbo settling in his limbs, Yrrak snagged the fiery spell and placed the burning ember into a hollowed out turnip to stop it from going out. Ever since, Yrrak and his flickering lantern have been roaming the dark lands, looking for a place to drown their sorrows.


The tradition associated with All Hallows Eve is carried by guises throughout the holiday in order to frighten away the dark and malevolent spirits. It's pumpkin-selling season, and crowds are flocking to farms to pick out their own jack-o’-lanterns. Will you get yours?


Now in order to get you through the spookiest weekend of the year we’ve acquired  a collection of brooms right from the halls of the Sinspire Cathedral.  These brooms have dusted the most evil and depraved hallways, undead banquets, and ghoulish gatherings known to the lands of Agon.  The dust they have swept is enough to make your skin crawl.  Now they come screaming out of the depths of the Cathedral, ready to bare you off to battle into the depths of the night!


Prepare to fight.  The world is a dangerous place with abnormal aberrations stalking the shadows. Every month brings a challenge, and this month will be rather…..spooky.

The wind is cold, and the atmosphere is rather eerie.

A strange presence permeates the air of Agon, one that we have not felt before... Villagers noticed some pumpkin movement during the night. Is something yanking our metaphorical chain? Perhaps, perhaps that legend about the jack-o-lanterns is not so crazy, maybe we keep a couple sitting around after all!


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