Contest: Write the next Darkfall Quest

Tue, 24/06/2014 - 18:01

"The Custodian of the Vale; ever the enigmatic (and slightly cantankerous) keeper and initial guide of adventurers from the very first days of the Unholy Wars. Of late, the keeper of the vale has become curious as to what his temporary wards get up to after they leave his charge. He’s even approached the Acolytes of the Watcher with tentative inquiries as to the goings on of various fledgling adventurers after they leave the humble nest of his vale.

Certain that the mysterious old coot simply wants to appease his boredom a little and trusting that he doesn’t actually have some stranger, more nefarious purpose, the Acolytes have started to put together a Chronicle of Agonian Adventures."



Greetings fellow Agonians!
As you know we are currently writing and designing the first batch of quests that will, in the not too distant future, be spawning in an Agon near you! We're having such a great time with this that we feel that not sharing some of it with you is too good an opportunity to pass up!
So, contest time! We invite you to start flexing your creative muscles! ( Do you even lift?). Send us a short story that takes place in Agon and we will bring the best of your creations to life. Do bear in mind that we currently have our hands full crafting some fairly long and epic stories ourselves here so try and keep your masterwork opuses short and sweet! 

Details/ Guidelines:

- Send us your stories to, and don’t forget to quote your character name!
- The best of your tales will be transformed into quests and inserted into the game with your Character Name included to reference you as the author.
- The Best story will also be awarded with a unique in-game item!
- The Contest will run from June 25th 2014 to July 20th, 2014.

- While we love an epic tale as much as the next Agonian, we’ll only be able to add your stories as side quests. Therefore try and keep your stories to no more than 1500 words.
- Your stories can be based on anything Agonian! Characters, places, items, you can even use the existing lore if it inspires you; it’s all good as long as it exists in Darkfall: Unholy Wars.
- Do bear in mind that some degree of editing your stories may be necessary in order to transform them into quests-lines.