Air School / Elementalist Role

Fri, 30/11/2012 - 00:00

Darkfall Unholy Wars Air School / Elementalist Role

Darkfall Unholy Wars Air School / Elementalist Role

Attunement to Air – Embrace the Storm. This buff increases your lightning protection and anybody attacking you will receive a large percentage of their damage returned.

Thunderbolt – A rapid firing, short range spell to deal damage and fling an enemy away!

Lightning Bolt -A searing bolt of lightning that will plow through everyone in line of sight! Those hit will also be temporarily blinded.

Tornado – You are the eye of the storm. The buffeting winds that surround you will damage enemies and fling them about like dry leaves.

Static Field (Ultimate) – Channel the power of lightning through every pore of your being. All who make the mistake of being within melee range will suffer damage over time and anyone who strikes you in melee will see their damage returned! (You will also still receive the melee damage however).

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