World Interaction

Pressing the Interact Key , you can interact with objects in the game when you are close to them.

Depending on the object, the action will yield different results.

Using the bank will open your personal vault. You can move items to and from your bank by holding and dragging. If you are in a clan and, depending on your clan permissions, you may be able to access the clans vault as well.

In such a case you will need to hold down the Interact Key and select between personal and clan vault in the radial menu that will appear.

Items placed in any bank vault are completely
safe and can be accessed from any other bank
vault in the world.


Using a bindstone will bind you to its location. That means that in the inevitable case of your death, you will respawn next to your bindstone.

You can bind at any NPC or Chaos bindstone at any point.


Binding at a Player Clan Holding bindstone means that you must either be a member of the clan that owns it, in an allied clan, or have special permissions granted to you by the clan leaders.

In the case of allied clans, special permissions are also needed.


You can only be bound at one bindstone at any given point and you can teleport to it by using the Bindstone Recall button located on your minimap.

  Bindstone Recall Button


Using a Portal will initiate a countdown at the end of which you will be teleported to the other end of the portal.

While the countdown is active, moving or performing any action will cancel it.

Teleportation chambers also require the user to have one or more portal shards in their inventories depending on the distance they want to travel.


Monster and Player  Tombstones

When any denizen of Agon dies, it leaves behind a tombstone marking it’s last resting place, but more importantly, containing all it’s earthly possessions. This is true both for monsters and players.


To loot a gravestone, approach it and use it like any other object. This will open the grave and display the contents, if any. To move the items to your backpack you can either click and drag or double click on them.



Graves can also be skinned for additional loot by using a skinning knife on them.

Empty and skinned graves will disappear from the world instantly. Graves that still contain items will disappear from the world after a few minutes.



There are also static and dynamic loot containers in the world that can be looted.

Dynamic containers, like chaos chests or mouldy crates, will appear at totally random places all over the world and will disappear once looted.


Static containers, such as armor or weapon racks, are placed in specific locations around the world.

These can also be looted by using them and will remain in place, waiting for their owners to re-stock them.


Interacting with items on your person or backpack such as food, potions, treasure maps or deployable items like mounts and boats simply requires a double-click. Depending on the item and its position, the outcome will be different.

Double clicking an armor piece or weapon in your backpack will equip it and vice versa. Double clicking on food or a potion will consume it and apply the effects on your character. Double clicking on a mount or boat figurine will spawn it in at the location you are aiming, provided it is a valid location.