Throughout the cities and townships of Agon, you will meet various denizens skilled and knowledgeable in the crafts that you will find most useful as an adventurer.

Interact with a vendor by pressing your  key while targeting them and navigate the various tabs to view what is available.

To locate the vendors you can open your map by pressing
  and the turn on the Points of Interest filter.

All Vendors will be displayed on the map as a yellow dot.



Vendor Professions

 The Sage
The sages of Agon are a role filled by those most aged and experienced among the races.
Those Agonians who know most about the lands and laws. Sages can train you in all the
Common skills and spells as well as sell siege stones which are essential for initiating
challenges against holdings owned by other clans.

This vendor carries many of the more mundane items and tools of the land.

 Battle Supplier
Arms, Armors and crafting skills associated with battle are found with this vendor.

Magic Supplier 
Magical resources, tools and supplies as well as crafting skills pertaining to the mystical and arcane can be found on this vendor.

A grizzled veteran who can teach you all there is to know about the art of combat.

All things magical and mystical fall under this vendor’s domain.
Those wishing to increase their spell-casting aptitude should seek him out.


You can sell items to any merchant vendor by opening the sell tab, dragging your items into the Vendors inventory and confirming the sell by clicking the ticked button at the bottom right of the window.

Buy Items

Sell Items

Confirm Transaction


You can also buy items from vendors by double clicking on the item. Make sure you have enough gold in your backpack to complete the transaction.


Some vendors will also offer to train new skills to you so that you can expand your characters abilities. To buy skills you need to have accumulated the required Prowess.