Treasure Maps

Treasure maps are items than can show you the way to buried chests of loot.
They can be found in monster graves, chaos chests and other locations.


Types of Treasure Maps

Locating and unearthing the loot is quite simple. You need to double click the map in your backpack and use the pulsing indicator ring around your minimap to reach the location.

The ring will pulse:

Red when you are
moving away from it.

White while you
are not moving.

Green when you
are moving towards it.



The closer you get to the location the faster the ring will pulse. When the rings stops pulsing and remains constantly lit you are on top of the treasure chest.

 You will then need to use a shovel to unearth it.

Once unearthed, the loot will be automatically placed in your backpack.
To stop tracking the map at any time, press the X button that appears on the minimap.