Teleportation Chambers

Moving around the huge world of Agon can sometimes appear daunting. Because of this, teleportation chambers have been placed around the world in key locations, to aid players who need to cross great distances.

There are a total of 10 such chambers scattered around the landscape, 1 in each subcontinent and 6 all around the mainland of Agon.


Signs that will lead you to a Teleportation Chamber nearby

Teleportation Chambers

To use such a chamber you will need to possess a Teleportation Shard. Shards can be found in various locations including monster loot.


When you approach and use such a chamber, you will be presented with a map of the other chambers.

You will have to choose your desired location from this map and accept the indicated Teleportation Shard cost.

The further away the chamber you want to teleport to, the higher the cost.


Be wary when using these chambers as you never know who may be waiting on the other side.