Darkfall Unholy Wars utilizes a unique skill system combined with archetype character roles so that you can enjoy a fluid and smooth play-style that allows you the freedom to both experiment and enjoy different styles of battle.

Various Skills
Various Skills

There are a number of skills in the game split into various categories. To view them you can open the Skill window at any time by pressing  or simply clicking on the skills button Icons Skills at the right hand side of the screen while in GUI mode.

Categories Skills
Skill Categories

The general skills category contains the harvesting and crafting skills. Combat skills contains all the basic attacks that can be executed by equipping the appropriate weapon and clicking either mouse button. Common skills contains eleven utility skills that are available to all roles. The Warrior, Skirmisher, Elementalist and Primalist categories contain all the schools and abilities that are available within these roles.


At the beginning of a character’s life, not all skills will be available to him and hence will not be shown in this window. Once you have gathered enough Prowess (see the Prowess section for more on this) you can purchase additional skills from the appropriate Vendors in NPC cities or Player Holdings.

In the subsections of Skills,  you can find a description of the Common Skills as well all the Roles, Schools and ability descriptions. For more information on the Harvesting and Crafting skills proceed to the appropriate sections.