Apart from creating them, you can also deconstruct the majority of the items that exist in Agon through the salvaging mechanic.

Salvaging gives players a chance to retrieve some of the materials that were used when the item was crafted.

Some monsters will also drop items that are too damaged to be used. These items can also be salvaged for a chance at retrieving some resources from them.

Salvaging broken items
Various Broken Items


Salvaging Main Window

To salvage any item you will need to have the item as well as the gold that is required for the operation in your backpack. Items are salvaged at the station where they are crafted so you will need to approach the corresponding station and initiate the salvaging process through it.


Salvaging many queued

To salvage many items at once, you can place them in a container such as a bag or sack, drag it to the salvaging window and click the salvage button. The process will continue untill either all items are salvaged or you run out of gold.