Your Prowess is a representation of your accumulated experiences, victories and achievements throughout the world of Agon.  As fame and fortune will often acquire power and prestige so too can points of Prowess be used as a form of currency to acquire a multitude of skills and boosters within the game.

 Prowess Icon

Most interactions with the world will reward you with some Prowess. Harvesting, crafting, killing monsters, completing feats, participating in village capturing and stealing and a multitude of other activities will reward you.

An indication of your Prowess, both total and current is shown at the top right corner of your screen.

Spending Prowess is the only way to improve your attributes, combat, and harvesting skills.

Crafting can only be improved by using the skill to successfully craft items.


This is done in the following window:
Prowess - Main Window

To increase any of your skills,press  and then click the Level Up button that is located under the skill that you want to improve.

Not enough prowess to level up

Enough prowess to level up

To increase any of your attributes, press and then click the Level Up button that is located on the left of the attribute that you want to improve.

In the window that appears, click the  icon as many times as the points you want your skill to be increased by.
Click the  icon to remove the points you added. Note that this works only if you haven’t confirmed the session.

On the left of the window you can see how much Prowess is required to increase the selected skill or attribute by one point.

You also can see what is being improved when you level up a skill in the “Level Up Improves” field.

On the right, you have the Total Cost of Prowess you used in this session, and below the remaining total after your confirmation.

Once you confirm the operation the Prowess will be permanently spent.