Player Housing

Houses in Darkfall Unholy Wars are located in villages and offer various perks to the owner. All player houses are located in villages.

To obtain a house you first need to find a house deed.

House deeds

House deeds can be found in chaos chests, treasure map loot and may even be dropped from monsters.

Once you have found the deed you will need to locate a village with an empty house slot of the same type as your deed. To erect your house, approach the house slot and double click the deed in your backpack.


Types of Houses

There are 5 types of houses, cottage, house, villa, large villa and keep.





Large Villa 



Once your house is placed you can add decorations to it that you will find in similar places as the house deed.

Various House Decorations

Houses can also have a crafting station as well as a resource node got wood and cotton among other things.

You will also want to place a door on your house to make it safer. Doors can be destroyed but this takes a long time.


Once you have a house you can also use the House Recall button on your minimap to teleport to it as housed offer you with an additional automatic bind location.

House Recall Button


To manage your household click on the Player Housing icon at the right side of your screen while in GUI mode. In the housing window you can manage your home’s tenants, check and pay the rent if it’s due and have an overview of any installed internal and external items.


Be warned that if you leave your house’s rent unpaid for a long period of time, your house will be demolished and any other player with a deed will be able to claim the spot.