The Map

Your map, accessed by pressing or clicking on the map icon on the left of your screen, is fully interactive and designed to make your explorations (and subsequent battles) all that more rewarding!

There are various filters available that can display useful information on your map.


These Filters are:

Personal Party Clans

Feats Points of Interest Monster Spawn Points

Unbound Bindstones Banks Teleports and Portals


Filters for Personal locations,  Points of interest, Monster Spawns are among the many you will find. You can toggle these filters on and off by clicking on the appropriate buttons on the left hand side of the screen while you have the map interface open.

You can also add personal markers as well as waypoints onto the map by right clicking on any location and selecting the appropriate type from the menu.

Unexplored areas are hidden by a Fog of War that is uncovered by simply moving through and exploring an area.

The map will also help you locate your tombstone when you inevitably die. You can go back to the location that will be marked by the tombstone icon if you want to try and loot some or all of your items from it.