The world of Agon is filled with various resources that can be used to craft a plethora of items. Harvesting these resources is an activity that requires patience, risk, and the proper tools.

Gathering tools

Gathering tools can be acquired in various ways. They can be crafted by a player with the construction skill, they can be purchased from Merchant vendors, found in toolboxes and they are also occasionally dropped from monsters.

Harvesting materials are placed in appropriate nodes all over the world. You can identify them by aiming at them. Aiming at a material node of any type will display it’s type and description under your aiming reticule.

You can harvest from a node by approaching it and using the appropriate tool. Harvesting tools operate the same as weapons, you equip them by double clicking on them while they are in your backpack, you unsheath them by pressing  you approach the resource node and press the left mouse button while aiming at it.


The harvesting of the node will continue until either you run out of stamina, your tool breaks, or the node runs out of resources. Nodes will slowly refill with resources over time.

Apart from their unique materials, many of the nodes provide a special material that is used in high end crafting called Essences.

Essences come in five distinct qualities that in order of rarity and value are, Selentine, Veilron, Neithal, Leenspar and Theyril. These essences are used to infuse other materials which can then in turn be used to craft high end items.








As resource harvesting is an activity that follows the risk versus reward philosophy, not all locations will be equally profitable to harvest in.

Safe areas, where player versus player combat is not possible, grant the lowest chance of harvesting rare resources and the number of items that can be harvested from each node is limited.

Venturing out of these areas will yield better results and the further away one moves from civilization, be it NPC cities, Player holdings or Villages, the better the chance of harvesting rarer, more valuable resources.

Harvesting Node Types:
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