The vast majority of items in Agon are crafted by players. From weapons and armor to food and potions, even Clan holdings and ships, all are created by the hands of a crafter.

There are 17 crafting skills in Darkfall Unholy Wars, 12 of which also have a corresponding mastery skill.

Items created by any player will also bear his or her name for bragging rights under the Maker label in the item’s tooltip.


Crafting is done at crafting stations. These stations exists in NPC cities, Clan holdings and some can even be found in player houses.







To start crafting, click  on a crafting station.

Select the recipe you want from the list by dragging it in the slot labeled “Drop Here”.


Once this is done you will be able to see what materials the item requires. Materials marked in red are missing from your backpack or you do not have the required quantity. Different recipes require different materials all of which you will need to have in your inventory to initiate the crafting procedure.


Before initiating the crafting procedure you can also select how many of the selected item you want to create by entering a number in the “Set amount” text field.


 Maximum Amount Button

Clicking the maximum button will automatically enter the amount number based on how many materials you carry.


Once the procedure is initiated, a countdown will indicate how long it will take for the item to be created.

There is always a chance that you will not succeed at creating the item. In such a case you lose some of the materials but you can always try again provided you have enough materials in your backpack.


The higher your crafting skill, the more likely you are to succeed and thus less materials will be lost. Raising a crafting skill requires patience and a lot of materials but the higher your skill, the better the items you can create.


If a crafting skill has a corresponding mastery, you will need to reach your basic skill to 100 before you can purchase and skill up the mastery.

Crafting Mastery skills can be purchased from the Vendors in NPC cities as well as Vendors in Clan Holdings.