Agon is an unforgiving land where one needs to be able to defend himself as well as assault enemies successfully in order to survive and prevail.


Combat in Darkfall Unholy Wars is real time, fast paced, manually aimed and largely dependent on player skill. As a general rule, where you aim is where you hit but there are some exceptions to this.

Primary Buttons 

Elementalist CastingTo be successful in combat there are a few basic principles you need to be familiar with. Attacking or executing any combat related skill or ability is done by clicking either the left or right mouse button.

Some abilities will be instantly executed, others will have a short or long casting time that has to count down before they are activated. There are also abilities that you can pre-cast by holding down the mouse button for as long as you need, only to release it at the appropriate time for maximum effect.

Mouse 2 Button PressedSkill/Ability Activation Buttons

Similarly, there are abilities that once cast will instantly perform their action while others will do so over time. There are even abilities that will continue functioning for as long as you hold the mouse button down.

Vital Stats

Vital Stats

A very important factor in any type of combat is managing your vital stat pools. Health is obviously very important as if it reaches zero you will fall hopelessly to the ground awaiting whatever fate your opponent has planned for you. Stamina is also extremely important as if it runs out you will be unable to execute many of your abilities or even sprint. Mana is very essential to spellcasters as without it they cannot cast any of their spells.

  Gank Gang

When you finally defeat your enemy and you have him lying helpless at your feet you will need to deliver the final blow, otherwise he will recover after a short while. To do this you need to approach your fallen enemy, aim at him and hold down the use button  From the radial menu select Gank and watch your character finish of the enemy in a spectacular coup de grâce.

  Revive Revive

Similarly, if you are feeling chivalrous or it is an ally lying down helpless, you can select Revive from the radial menu to help the fallen player to their feet. An issued revive needs to be accepted by the receiving player in order to take effect. Revived players will get back to their feet with nearly empty vital stat pools.

Gang Revive

There are five ways of fighting in Darkfall Unholy Wars, each with it’s own advantages and disadvantages.

Combat Styles:
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All these ways of fighting are not meant to be used exclusively. Having a few different items in your backpack and using the one that is appropriate for each situation is essential to succeed in combat.

Now that you are acquainted with the basics of combat you also need to know how to manage, select and execute all your combat skills and spells. There are three ways that we offer you to do this and you can choose whichever suits your playstyle best.

The Radial Wheel

This interface element provided an easy way to visualize and select your abilities. First you will need to fill it up with your available abilities though.

Keyboard Button - TabRadial Wheel Configuration

Radial menu assigment

To do so, you can press TAB to open the radial wheel configuration screen. In this screen your two radial wheels will be presented to you as well as your skills window. The two radial wheels that you see correspond to your left and right mouse buttons.

Role selection

At the middle of the screen you can also see the four roles. For each of those roles you can have a different radial wheel configuration so that when you switch between roles you do not have to rearrange them. Clicking on the role buttons will present you with a new set of radial wheels and the skills tab will change to show the skills of that role. At the bottom of the screen you will always be able to see all the common skills you have available.

The process of arranging your radial wheels is very simple. First select the role you want to configure by clicking on the appropriate button. Then drag the skills of your choice to any of the 8 slots that each wheel offers. Remember that skills placed in the left radial wheel will be activatable with the left mouse button and so on. Once you have finished your radial wheel setup you can press TAB or ESC to exit it.

Action Mode

Radial MenuNow you are ready to do some proper combat. To select your abilities all you have to do is hold down ALT and the Mouse button of the wheel you want to bring up. When you do this the Radial Wheel will pop up on your screen and you can choose any of it’s slots by placing the mouse cursor on it.

+ Left mouse button or Right mouse button
Activate Radial Wheels in Action Mode

Releasing the ALT key and mouse button will select the skill. Now your skill is placed at either the left or right activation slot depending on which mouse button you used. To execute the skill now all you need to do is click the mouse button. Remember that for skills that have a casting time you can hold the mouse button down and release it whenever you want to execute them.

Action SlotsSwap between the two Activation Slots
  Keyboard Button - Q  Keyboard Button - E

If the selecting and executing skills through the radial wheel does not suit your playstyle you can also use the numbered keys on your keyboard to do so. If you take a closer look at the two round activation slots at the middle bottom of your screen, you will notice that one has numbers from 1 to 8 around it while the other has small circles.

The one with the numbers is the active slot. Pressing the corresponding number on your keyboard will load the skill in that position to the slot.

You can switch between the 2 activation slots by pressing Q and E. So for example if when you set up your radial wheels you placed the Heal Self ability at the number 1 slot of the right radial wheel, you can activate it by pressing E, then 1 and then clicking the right mouse button to execute it.

The third option is to press  and the number of the slot on your keyboard for the right activation slot and  plus the number for the left.

Action slots cooldowns
You also need to remember that most skills and spells will have a cooldown applied to them once you execute them. An ability in cooldown will be displayed as a red circle or red number at the activation slots. Bringing up the radial wheel by pressing ALT and mouse button will display the countdown of the cooldown as a circle around the icon of the ability.