Clan Holdings

A holding can provide a clan with various benefits provided it can be defended properly.
A holding is a clan’s home base and it provides a hub for clan activities.

Clan members have a bindstone to bind on away from the busy NPC cities, crafting stations and special resource nodes to take advantage of and last but not least it offers the opportunity to capture surrounding villages for extra profit.


Clan holdings when first captured will have nothing more than a bindstone and rubble.

With patience and determination they can be built up to offer all sorts of conveniences to clan members. Bank access, crafting stations and Vendors as well as increased security can all be offered by a holding with the appropriate buildings erected.


At the center of the clan holding lies the Bindstone. Bindstones are the most important structures in clan holdings because they allow clan members to bind to them but more importantly they are what needs to be defended during a challenge against your city.


Clan Hamlet Bindstone

Clan City Bindstone


They become vulnerable only during the 3rd phase of a challenge and provided that a number of the holding walls has been destroyed first, but if destroyed you will lose your clan holding to the attackers.

Since only Clan Cities have walls, in the case of Clan Hamlets, bindstones become vulnerable without the need to destroy any walls.

Player Villages

Villages are located all over Agon. They offer a place for players to build their own houses but also a unique opportunity for additional income to clans that own holdings around them.


To capture a village with your clan you first need to capture one of the holdings in the village’s territorial region. Once this is done, you will need to travel to the village and attack the village control point in order to destroy it.

Other clans with holdings in the region may covet the same village though so be sure your clan does the most damage to the control point to capture it.

Damaged village control points that are not destroyed will revert to full health 20 minutes after the last time they were damaged. Once your clan captures the village, no other clan will be able to capture it again for 6 hours. Once the hours pass you will need to either recapture the village or run the risk of it being captured by another clan.


If 24 hours pass since your village became available for capturing again and your clan has not recaptured it, the village will return to its free state.

Having one or more villages owned by your clan offers various rewards. First of all at the moment of capture your clan and the clan member that delivered the most damage to the control point will receive a one off reward of gold and items split between them.
Once the village is captured it will give out rewards every 5 minutes for as long as your clan owns it. The gold will be split equally between the clan and the clan member that captured the village provided he is still a member of the clan. Also there is a possibility for items to be rewarded to the clan’s bank vault.

Apart from hostile neighbouring clans, villages can also fall prey to pillaging from any player. If you want to steal from a village you need to go there, aim at the village control point, hold down the use button while aiming at it and select the appropriate action from the radial menu.

  Steal Control Point Resources        

Max 50 Meters Radious from
Control Point to Steal

The player that performs this action must stay within 50 meters of the control point otherwise the stealing will be stopped. To stop someone stealing from your village you can either kill them, drive them off the 50 meter range limit or use the control point and select the appropriate action from the radial wheel.


Players that own a house in a village cannot steal from it but can stop other players that are stealing from it by choosing the appropriate action from the village control point after using it.

There can only be one player stealing from a village at any one point. If you want to steal from a village that is already being stolen from you will need to kill or drive off the player that is stealing from it.


While stealing from a village, the clan that owns it gets none of the gold or the items on the 5 minute intervals. The stealer has a chance of getting some of these resources. In the beginning this chance is low and increases with every 5 minute tick until it reaches 100%. Stolen items will be placed in the stealers backpack so be sure you have some backup to protect you and the items if you want your operation to be successful.