Clan Holding Construction

Once your clan captures a holding, you will need to erect various buildings to improve defences, provide crafting stations and NPC’s for your clan members as well as enable perks that benefit your clan.

Building Modules

To build a structure you will need to have some building modules and the appropriate clan rights to have access to the Structures window. Building modules are crafted by constructors and if you are not a clan leader you will need to be given the clan rights by one.


You can access the Structures window by clicking on the Clans button at the right side of your screen while in GUI mode, then select the “My Clan Overview” window from the buttons that appear on the left side of your screen. Under Holdings, click the information button located next to the name of the holding you want to build something in, and then click the pencil icon on the right side of the Structures section.

  Edit Holding Button


You can now view a top down blueprint of the holding through which you can erect various buildings.

You can click on a building silhouette on the blueprint to select it. If you have enough building modules and all prerequisites are met, the Build button will become available. Clicking on it will consume the modules and after a few seconds the building will be created. A small flash of your screen will notify you when the building is ready. Selecting an already constructed buildings through the blueprint map will display its hit points as well as status.

Various buildings may have other buildings as prerequisites which you will be able to see after you select any building through the blueprint map.


You can exit the Build Blueprint window by clicking on another button or by pressing  to return to action mode.