Character Creation

Before starting on your way to glory, you will need to create a character and there are several steps involved in the process.

First, you will need to select your Race and Gender.


Next you will be able to customize your characters visual appearance.

Once you are happy with your characters looks you will be able to assign his starting role and schools. The school that you drag in the left slot is your primary school, while the one dragged in the right slot is your secondary.

Roles and schools can be changed in game at any point so your initial choice is not restricting in any way.


Name Selection
Once all this is done you will need to name your character.

If you cannot come up with a name you like you can also use the random name buttons at the left of each text field.

Randomize Your Name
Invalid Name! See the message on the left for the reason

Once you supply a valid name you can click the Create Character button to begin your adventures in Agon.

It will light-up after the validation of the name.