Basic Controls

Darkfall: Unholy Wars uses the basic MMO movement scheme for your keyboard streamlined with innovative functionality to help make your combat and adventures as smooth as possible.



Toggle between Action and GUI modes by pressing
your ESCAPE key at any point.


You can move about using the W, A, S and D keys.

Holding down SHIFT and W will give you a prolonged burst of speed. How long this lasts depends on your stamina.

For those times when one needs to go for a stroll, or walk menacingly towards a hated enemy, showing no fear, hold down CTRL as you move.

Walking will also be your maximum speed while being encumbered.

Crouch down using C to reduce your visibility and muffle
your footsteps to players and monsters alike. Sneaking up
on your enemies this way will increase your chances of pulling
off that surprising and often deadly ambush.
The crouch key is also used to dive while swimming.


The H button is your resting key and will put you into a relaxation state where your health, stamina, and mana will recover at an increased rate.  Be wary where you rest however, as you can be vulnerable to attack!

You will also suffer a -50% to all your protections while resting.



Leap through the air to catch an enemy unawares
or cross obstacles using the SPACEBAR. As with sprinting,
jumping will also consume stamina, so be careful how
often you jump around.
SPACEBAR is also used to swim towards the surface.


Sheathe or unsheathe whatever weapon or tool you have currently
equipped by pressing R.


The F button is your Interaction Key and is used to access
many secondary functions in the game world such as mounting
a horse, trading with a player, or opening a chaos chest!


You can scroll through the items in your
quickslots by using the mouse wheel. You can use or equip the currently selected item by clicking the mouse wheel.

+  OR 

Your skills are activated using your left and right mouse buttons and your Radial menu is used for picking these skills. You can bring it up by holding down the ALT key.