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  The Darkfall World

This is an early version of the Darkfall World Map. As you can see we are planning to have one big continent, and 3 smaller ones. Please note all the small islands on the map. We are aiming for several hundred small islands for you to explore and build your secret Clan headquarters on :)

This map shows the racial political borders. We will post more information about this later on. Consider this a general idea about where we are heading. And yes, racial political borders may change depending on what Clan/Race owns what.

Ok, getting closer to the good stuff. This map is zoomed in on the Human lands.

Again the Human lands. This time with the borders of all the different Kingdoms/City States in the Human lands.

Here we applied the different Player-run Clans' symbols, to show what Clan owns what Kingdom/City State.

The Human lands after some serious warfare and conquest. If you look closely, you can see that Human Clans are not limited to conquering Kingdoms/City States inside their own lands, they can conquer Kingdoms/City States from other races lands also. The entire Darkfall World is divided up in Kingdoms/City States, so a single extremely powerful Clan can - in theory - conquer the entire world.

Comments/ideas? Use our boards :)

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