"Hellfreeze" Expansion Presentation - October 2010

In the center of Agon, in the heart of the Pall, an immense being bathed in flames steps through a shadowy doorway.  In the north a frozen mountain erupts as an ancient evil, colder than the deepest ice, takes to the skies.  Hell freezes over on Agon as two beings of immense evil and power, the Ice Dragon and The Demon arrive.

Hellfreeze, Darkfall’s third free major expansion, heralds the change of things to come. Scores of monsters including two new bosses arrive into Agon with fresh appetites and updated homicidal A.I..

The Beasts.

The Ice Dragon - Miles below the surface of the northern glaciers the dull, muted explosions of shattering ice herald the coming of something cold. Awoken by the sounds of the Emberfest celebrations months ago, Agon's iciest denizen takes to the skies in a fit of homicidal rage and waking munchies.

The Demon - Out of the depths of the pall an immense figure of demonic darkness steps forth.  The first of the servants of the Demon-Lord Oncylus arrives in Agon to secure a foothold for the coming of his Master.

Gorra Dar and Gorra Slave - Bursting out of the cracking soil, drawn by the footfalls of the unwary, the crushing mandibles of the Gorra Dar come for you. He isn’t alone either, his minions clatter underfoot to help secure your tasty flesh for their master’s luncheon.

Gray Ork Executioner - The ultimate killing machine amongst the ranks of the Gray Orks.  The executioner swings his razor sharp axe with deadly accuracy and gleeful frenzy.

Shadow Spirit - Rumored to be the vengeful spirits of an ancient coven wiped out by the Orks of Morak, these shadow beings return to the site of their demise with some hidden, dark purpose in mind.

Svartdvergir Doombringer
- The twisted Svartdvergir dwarfs unleash their latest weapon in the form of the Doombringer.  His misshapen limb swings with the strength and stopping power of a brick in the face

Beastman Devastator
-  Trees crack and bend aside as the largest Beastman you will ever see steps out of the forests.  Slavering jaws open in a bestial snarl as limbs the size of a ponie’s neck ripple with hidden rage...and now you have to run.

Deathless Servant - Loyal bodyguards in life, murderously devoted minions in death.  These servants of the Deathless Mage retain the martial prowess that earned them an honored place by their masters side in life and death.

As the winds of change shift around Agon many of the denizens and monsters, both old and new, have sought new homes and areas to hunt in.  Monster spawns have been shifted and redistributed accordingly.  Many new beasts have crawled into the cold, dark places of the world to find their prey.  Dungeon habitats have seen a notable boom in monster populations.

Additionally now many of Agon’s monsters will start to level up as they kill players.
DING. Farm me now fool.

New Agon

- The entire world has been graphically revamped. Old terrain has been upgraded with a new exciting look.  Seas, mountains, deserts and even entire monster families have had extreme makeovers.  After a monumental under-taking of almost a years solid work by our artists and developers, the entire span of Agon’s locales glisten with a fresh new look, feel and atmosphere.

- Dungeons have seen a galvanizing overhaul. 17 dungeons have been entirely re-themed and re-designed.  Many of them now feature Chaos Dungeon Vendors who offer items and exciting new daily quests. These re-designs also set the stage for many new dungeon style encounters to be introduced in the near future.  

Additionally entirely new dungeons have been discovered in each capital city for the beginner dungeoneer. The entrances to these deep, dark places can be found next to the banks of the capitals.  

New sandbox features

For the enterprising players among you, Funhulks and Funflags open up a whole new area of player initiated events with a racing/battle theme.

Funflag gates can be placed anywhere in the world and will display a message as each player crosses them with their Funhulk.  At the end of the race the player who placed the flags will receive the final scoring.  

Player Flags are an additional feature that can be used separately to Fun Hulks for capture the flag type scenarios or anything else that an imaginative player can conceive.  They will come in three sizes and the player who placed them will receive a message once they have been captured stating the name of the player who grabbed the flag.

Treasure maps will now drop off of mobs around the world.  Decipher the map to claim your treasure. (Shovel is crafted and digging skill is sold separately.) Of course, once you have a shovel and if you’re feeling lucky, you can always try digging around in likely spots.. you never know what you might find.

New Mounts and Ships

Hail the Blue-Tailed Runner. Faster than greased lightning on ice.  This handsome beast will get you to your destination quicker than any other mount alive and do it with style.

The Tribeland Bear. The savage Mahirim hunters have tamed the lord of the forest himself.  This ursine mount is not for the faint at heart..

Two new ships also dock in the ports of Agon in the form of the the Launch and the Junk (pronounced Yoonk.).  

The smaller, more versatile Launch is craft-able without a shipyard and comes with one cannon at the prow.  

The Junk (again, pronounced Yoonk.) is a sleeker looking ship of medium size and eastern design.

Shipwrights have also been working closely with Agon’s blacksmiths to produce two new strongboxes for naval use.  One can be used by anyone and one comes with special anti-pillaging technology to restrict it to clan use only.

New Lore

The Acolytes of the Watcher, through their chronicles and research for the Goddess, are shedding light on many of the unclear, dark and hidden aspects of Agon’s past, present and indeed future.  Visit the World Lore section of the Darkfall website every week to read the chronicles of our world.  

And much more

- Many spells and schools of magic have been reworked for extra balance.
- Monster AI has seen significant upgrades to physics and behavior
- Many areas have been remodelled with new looks and layouts
- Animation tweaks for monsters and player models alike
- Social management tweaks
- Game-play tweaks
- Large scale Battle Optimizations.

The details for all the above and much more can be found in the Detailed Expansion Notes.

Enter the Hellfreeze

The northern skies bristle with frost crystals as the Ice Dragon leaves cold death in her wake.  The Pall rumbles and quakes as the first of the Demon servants of Oncylus begins his master’s machinations.  Agon shifts and trembles and portents of doom and chaos ripple through the nations.. join the battle, carve a legend and ready yourself for the revelations of Agon’s future.