Christmas 2009

The holidays are upon us and Agon is brimming with Christmas spirit! What better way to spread the holiday cheer than sharing it on video!

For Christmas and the New Year we kick off with the Video Contest. This time we give you complete artistic license. Flex your creative muscles and give us your best Darkfall videos. Be they battle, story or anything else that you want to show-off. Do bear in mind that the more visually impressive they are the better our judges will likely receive them! However, that said, creativity and imagination will go a long way as well!

Once again we can only accept videos from active subscriber accounts and of course it must be all in-game footage. We’ll also need to insist that all your videos include your credits at the beginning or ending of the vid itself. Finally the video entries must be new and original, don’t send us an old youtube video, no matter how nice it is.

Upload your video to (you’ll need to register for a free account if you don’t already have one) and then send us the link with the character name you would like us to post your entry with to .

A great and free (trial version) software for capturing in-game video can be dowloaded from

The tentative deadline will be February 1st 2010.

Good luck and have fun!

Prizes to be announced.

Monday February 1st 2010

1st place
Razh Shadowstalker

These Darkfall men get to work. You better run for cover!

2nd place
Bre Ichel

Agon is a hostile and sometimes scary place. Especially if you walk alone.

3rd place

War is everywhere in Darkfall. Be prepared… and have friends around to watch your back.

4th place
Melkorus Zima

Lush green planes to scorching deserts and dangerous waters, Agon has it all.

5th place
Agent Shado

Ruling Agon is not an easy task. One can always try though.