Winter 2009

Welcome to the Darkfall Spotlight Contests section!

For our first installment we bring you the Screenshot contest, and specifically we want to see your best battle images! Give us your gore, give us your fray, give us your bloody massacres and make them look pretty!

The most epic, bloody, gruesome, or just plain funny battle images will win three months of game time! And the best among those will win an exclusive Darkfall poster signed by all the devs! So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start slaying! And ask your victims to smile!

Now some rules:

1st. We can only accept pictures from active subscriber accounts.
2nd. We need them to have full shadows, no UI elements showing (toggle these using ALT-H) and to be taken at your highest resolutions, and using the highest quality of shader.
3rd. Send your images as uncompressed BMP, PNG, or TIF files to with your account name and the name you wish us to post if you win. Feel free to add a small caption about the image.
4th. Screenshots must be un-edited by any image inhancing software such as Photoshop.

Our current in-game screen-grabbing system is being tweaked and is thus un-operational (a situation that will be rectified very soon!). For the moment we recommend downloading and using the free image and video software that can be found at .  The Fraps software will, of course, also come in handy for our video contest which will be announced in the not so distant future!

The contest will run for roughly two weeks and after that we will announce the lucky winners. All the best images will be shown in our gallery as well.

Have Fun!

Sunday December 13th 2009

1st place
Mortimer Skullcrusher

Under Fire!

FIRE! Cannon’s blazing, Mortimer Skullcrusher and his allies amphibiously assault a Mirdain hamlet!

2nd place

Double Kill!

Making it look easy..  Caaahl cleaves two of his enemies in twain.

3rd place


Earth rumbling underfoot ISVRaDa and his companions lead the charge across the snowy plains.