Update April 6

As you know, Tasos as well as some other team members have been in Korea for the past week. From what we hear, all is going well on that front and we eagerly await their return.

On to our update for today, the team is working on various tasks, most of which we have discussed, either briefly or in some detail. On the graphics engine side, there are some tweaks and fixes to new and existing shaders and some extra environment control parameters that will ensure even more locations with unique looks. Also our artists are working on new spell visual effects, modeling of the new weapons and animations for brushed up monsters. The world builders are finishing up the training area while also working on dungeons and general world building tasks. The point system and village control system are well under way and we are very eager to present both of them to you. We will do so as soon as possible.

This past week quite a bit of work has been done on crafting and especially the number crunching side of it. There has been a lot of tweaking, re-balancing and adjusting of numbers related to crafting and so the whole process has changed quite a bit.

Specifically, crafting a specific item will only get you so far. Once your skill level has increased beyond a specific number, you will need to switch to a higher tier recipe to continue skilling up.

Failures are also handled in a different way. While the failure rate has been increased a bit, the closer you are to a recipe not giving you skill gains, the more likely you are to succeed in crafting that recipe. Additionally, failing will not mean that you lose all of your materials every time, but there will be a chance to loose all, some or no materials at all.

To give you an example of all of the above, a weaponsmith starting at skill level 1 will be able to create, among many other items, a Crude Militant Greataxe. This is a rank 0 Greataxe of the Militant style. As his skill increases, he will be failing less and less and at skill level 25 he will have an almost guaranteed success at crafting this item as well as all other items of this rank. Once he hits 25 he will need to switch to a rank 1 recipe to continue increasing his skill.

As far as crafting skills go, all skills now have a mastery equivalent and a few new crafting skills have been introduced. Shields will be created with the Shield crafting skills and the same goes for staffs which now are created with the Staff crafting skill. Also, tailoring only produces cloth items like robes and bags as medium armors have been moved to the new leatherworking profession.

Tools for crafting no longer exist. You can craft any item by having the required materials on you and using the appropriate crafting station.

All these changes are aimed at making crafting a more logical procedure that is also more straight forward and properly balanced.

17 Responses to Update April 6

  1. So is 2.0 coming out in 2012 or 2013? I remember reading post like this a couple years ago.

  2. They keep adding stuff to the game… they will never release 2.0

  3. Great update. They could release a beta in the summer and then patch in features as they go. So the beta won’t be feature complete but we would still get to test it.

  4. Jonas Opasi says:

    Nice you guys are keeping us up to date.

    Just seems like same stuff you’ve been feeding us for ears now though.

    We gona get some solid vids of the game in action any time soon.

    As they say a vid will speak thousand words and prove your not bull shitting us still??

  5. Sam Gawel says:

    i really dnt give a fuck on these updates just wanna no when 2.0 will be out for real.

  6. Keep adding stuff, I dont care if it takes a pair of years extra as long as it gets the lovin’ it needs!

  7. David Hicks says:

    I wonder if there even will be a beta…

  8. Nice update, with promising news of both business in Korea and programming progress.

    Also nice to know that the new Crafting system is being reviewed and improved, as there are some serious issues that should be resolved. Which however isn’t what is being reported as reviewed though, as it is the tying in of the Rare Ores as Quality Level requisites both in regard to lack of heterogenous metal qualities, threat to economic balance as well as the idiocy of the immersion-breaking idea of “infusing” cloth, leather and wood with Rare Ore to gain High Rank items.

    But, on to what is reviewed here (and hope that the above also will be amended before launch):

    - Skilling on high-end items only is already in function, based on that higher-end items is granting more Skilling due to usage of more quantity as well as quality of materials. I hope that Hard limits should be avoided, and some Skilling done regardless of level of item, even if you should skill more on items close to your “skill level”, in a Soft limit system.

    This is a good effort in keeping away Low Level equipment from the Markets, but there are better solutions, such as removing ALL weapons from Rank 00 equivalents, and have “Grind Materials” such as consumtion goods like Gathering Tools and Weapon Maintenance Kits on R00 level. Or R0 or R1, whatever will be the new Rank in the new system. Also letting Gathering Tools be able to be used as R00/R0 Weapons would be a great extension to this system. Having some PvE weapons and Conscript Weapons (which do not need to be Indestructible if you have Unarmed Combat available) still be R00/R0 Weapons would also be a benefit to Crafted Weapons, as then a Crafted Weapon is never the worst kind of weapon you can find.

    - Reduction of Failure Rate of Crafts at low Skill Levels, as well as have a random rate of resource destruction when failing, is good as it is intuitive and immersion-helping. (Is a bit of a counter-weight against the effort against Low-Quality gear though, but should not be a problem if the Failure Rates are kept low in general.)

    - Having each Crafting Skill have a Mastery Crafting level is good and logical, as is separating Shields from Armourcrafting. But why even have separate Skills if one is the same as the other, apart from on a higher level? It is a bit boring system that won’t appeal to Crafters as it then will look like even more of a chore to Grind than a more complex system.

    A better system could however be to have first a “Basic Crafting” skill in each area, and more than one “Mastery Crafting Specialization” based on top of it, making Crafting to become proper Skill-Trees instead of merely having Skills be on top of each other. A good example could be to have Armourcrafting (basic armour and shieldcrafting), with Master Armoursmith and Master Shieldsmith as a small tree; With Master Leatherarmourer having a requisite of some Armourcrafting as well as high degree of Leatherworking skill. By “complicating” the tree you will maintain people’s interests a bit longer, as it will be part of the challenge to overcome, if you want to steep yourself within the knowledge needed to handle the Crafting part of the game.

    - That Tools no longer exist, I interpret as that you no longer need to use any Tools while Crafting at a Crafting station, but that any Crafting (and Gathering) done without Crafting stations still use some kind of Tools. Which I guess is Ok, apart from that you lose a Gold and Resource sink there.

    - It is great that you are thinking over the logical parts of the system, but… straightforward? A system should not be too simplified or people will be bored by it, and on the other hand not too convoluted for it to be cumbersome to handle.

    Just look at the current Enchantment system: It is of such a high complexity that it takes an effort to learn, and tables of recipies to handle, but the only thing people complained about there was that it was such a chore to Grind as you had to load up the Enchantment Ring for every single Enchantment when the other Crafters could que in a Crafting session of for example 99 Plate Armour Helmets and then just wait it out AFK.

    In essence, you can say that the above improvements ARE improvements, but that better improvements can be made so keep working at it.

  9. Great ideas all around, glad to hear everything’s going well in Korea. Eager to have you back Tasos, I enjoy reading your updates (NOT THAT I DONT LIKE YOURS RES :P )

  10. James Rodney says:

    Not a bad update but a little disappointing that the crafting system appears to be the same style of resource grind with a little more variety than it had before.

    What the player base seems to be looking for is something far more dynamic. Combinations of skills to make master works. Things like embueing a gem (requiring a jewelry crafting skill and maybe the enchanting skill) and placing that gem into the uniquely crafted item which uses several differtent resources that offer several varieties of outcomes depending on if the crafter is trying to compliment a specific play style or a decorative look OR both.

    Any crafter should be able to “attempt” to craft any item in the game as long as they have read the book on how to craft the item. And OMG maybe the reading skill may become useful and libraries will help drive a portion of the economy.

    Please tell me you guys have all this already impenemted these things and I’m just jumping to conclussions.

    You guys were so so close to having a fun and diverse crafting system but dropped the ball with the leveling system and limited number of “useful” items.

    I’m looking forward to seeing what you guys have in store but another resource mulching system that leaves a player with stacks and stacks of useless items and hours of eye bleeding grinding watching a little bar go up so an artifical number on your stats sheet goes up is not what majority of players are interested in.

    Thanks for the update but this is the first update that has left me disappointed.

  11. James Rodney says:


    Every crafted item in the game should have a “skill” tied to it so a crafter can aim to be a master of a specific craft.

    For example:

    To “master” craft a 2hnd Battle Axe requires

    - Weaponsmithing Skill
    - Weaponsmithing Skill Mastery
    - Axe Forging (allows for both 1 and 2 hnd Manufacturing)
    - 2hnd Axe Forging Mastery (each toon gets one weapon making mastery)
    - Smelting Mastery (increases the effects of the rares used)
    - Truforge Mastery (increases the dura)

    and maybe even have 2Hnd Axe Mastery have a minor effect because of the toons understanding of how to use an axe.

    Then…. secondary effects can be added using enchanting, jewelry crafting, bood crafting etc….

  12. When are we getting darkfall 2010, arena, 2.0 or whatever the code name is now?

  13. when its done I suspect Jonathan, I’d rather they took their time and made it right then rush it out and end up with the issues that the original darkfall had, it was a great game in many ways but its issues eventually outwayed its benefits, leaving many to leave and returning even much later it population was insufficient and grind to great to ever have that original feeling of pure skill and fun it had briefly at release.

    Ty dev’s for keeping us informed its a pleasant change that you’ve decided to keep up with the updates, good job and thanks, keep it up :)

  14. Amoz Newkirk says:

    Most this shit is pointless with out a wipe or new server.

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