Update and Q&A

Update and Q&A

Today we have some questions gathered from the Q&A posted in the community. These were answered by Elias, one of our designers, and by George, one of our programmers who are involved with the specific topics in the questions selected. Before we go into these, please allow me to address a couple of issues:

Wipe speculation: We addressed this, to the extent of our knowledge of the topic, during our last activity report when it was brought up by some members of the community in relation to Darkfall’s relaunch. This is not an issue for the present, but you wouldn’t know it looking at our forums. Furthermore the speculation and discussion about the possibility of a wipe is based on the current Darkfall status and facts. We haven’t wiped the server and we wouldn’t do it as things are now, so discussing this is pointless.
We’ll ask you to be patient a little longer until we give you all the facts on “Darkfall 2.0″ and we can have a discussion on a great number of topics, including this one.

We also read around the Internet about Darkfall going free-to-play: Rumor has it that if you start a sentence with “rumor has it…” you can say pretty much anything you want. Not true.

Also, don’t miss: this Saturday, there’s a Darkfall event taking place on both servers.

On with the Q&A questions:

Q: Originally Posted by gipsi: Are you considering the idea of limiting the potential for some types of spells such as launch, wall of force, stormblast, telekinesis (prevent to overcome the city walls with a click) and to lower the cost of warkulks to use them actively during the attack, all to make the defense a real defense, and attack a real attack?

A: (George) Yes, making city walls more meaningful is a big priority for us. We are working on many things that when combined will seriously improve the defenses of a city, and one of them is the better management of the potential of the physics spells. We are really determined to make siege machinery such as warhulks and cannons a lot more useful.

A: (Elias) Even more, with the redesign of spells, skills and magic schools we will try to give a boost to the cooperation of more than one players combining different spells / skills and roles to achieve the desired result.

Q: Originally Posted by Aristos: Will the subject of actual character personalization be re-addressed for the expansion? As of now, there are very few choices to pick from in terms of armor and weapons. There’s hardly any room for actual personalization.

A: (Elias) The combat gamelogic and all the gear / skills / spells have already and are still being redesigned in order to offer the players many viable gameplay choices and combinations.

Q: Originally Posted by Aristos: Will we ever see a more flexible crafting system where we can truly create original armor/weapons?

A: (George) Yes! The new crafting system is a complete overhaul.
A: (Elias) We put a lot of effort into making crafting more balanced and more interesting. Expect many changes on this one.

Q: Originally Posted by k4ts0u: Will you ever change the game mechanics like surges and fizzles???

A: (George) Both of these mechanics have been reworked. We will reveal more details when we properly present the gameplay changes.

Q: Originally Posted by topets123: Will there be a limit of buffs that can be used on players through the magic school chosen or will it continue like now that everybody can use
all buffs?

A: (George) There are new spell trees and new rules on how different magic schools can be combined. On top of that, we concentrated on reworking the buffs (and the debuffs). So you can be sure that it won’t “continue like now”.

Q: Originally Posted by Master Isaac: Will we ever see a rework of the melee AOE bringing melee AoE in line with magic AoE adjustments?

A: (George) We are determined to make the melee-focused player more viable. This includes many changes, but bringing more melee AoE is not one of them. On the other hand, you should expect that a magic-focused player capable of casting powerful AoE spells will have other disadvantages.

Plate armor

Q: Originally Posted by lokerrt: Will the changes to armor, weapons, and staffs render all old items completely useless, as before, or do you plan to introduce the salvage skill simultaneously with those changes?

A: (George) A new salvage skill will be available and it will play an important role in crafting.
A: (Elias) New materials and material combinations will be available as well to work in conjunction with the salvaging/dissolving skill.

Q: Originally Posted by martyn1987: Will race weapons have there crafting mats added to the game to be farmed?

A: (Elias) Top rank gear is being redesigned with everything else and thus will be in the game more often than it is now. However, it may not be race gear per se as we only have 6 races and many more gear types.

Q: Originally Posted by SgFg: Are you planning to bring in armor dyes/guild emblems/city flags/cloaks/tabards or something soon?

A: (Elias) We’d love to and really pushing for that direction. We’re waiting to find out the impact this has on game performance, which is our number 1 concern.

As always, thank you for reading.

42 Responses to Update and Q&A

  1. hum , happy about what i just read

    i really hope all you just said will become true :)

    concerning the wipe .. you need to be clear on this point , as soon as possible , many players have already stopped , or will stop , coz of this

    Thanks for the update

  2. when will you guys talk about specific changes and not vague answers?

  3. nice, would like to know, how long we have to wait ;)

  4. Kevin Grixti says:

    Plate looks awesome :P

    • Brock Albitz says:

      Great update,

      As I typically am a df fanboy, I do have some constructive criticism… the plate pauldrons look like they’re floating and not very well seated. Reminds me of ork FP pauldrons in darkfall 1.0… They need to sharpen it up!

  5. Great update thanks.

  6. I cant wait for DF 2.0…should be very interesting to see what my 2yrs paid beta was good for!

  7. A bit more details, that’s good. Really hope you guys finish development in august, as planned.

  8. Ohh! This is exciting news! I hope everything will be as promised :) and also I hope that DF 2.0 will be released soon. I am eager to try it!

  9. Jonny Smith says:

    Fine words all combined to say very little.

    No eta no real confirmation of anything except to deny rumours.

    I expect the forums to be as active as ever this coming week.

  10. What a load of crap. More vague answers and Wipe still on the table.

    So basicly you want us to keep playing and then once you’re ready to present 2.0 you’re going to “discuss” it with us and do whatever the hell you want anyway?

    We need a clear and definite answer NOW. None of this “Wait and see” bullshit, so we can keep playing and still lose all our progress in a paid mmo after 2 years.

  11. hey, this plate armor is badass… i love the redesign (unless it’s just race-specific)

    • Lee Joyner says:

      I like the redesigned armor as well. Funny how DF 2.0 has the same trees, grass and rocks however. So there’s no graphics upgrade, just some design changes, it looks like.

  12. Very awesome update, some great information in there.

    I want to beta-test it NOW!


  13. it’s amazing, thank you av
    what kind of armor is that? its is beautiful

  14. James Rodney says:

    Look at the spikes on the plate. I wounder if there will be a shoulder blocking skill :)

    Crafting getting an overhaul is very encouraging. Especially if it allows for one off, truly unique gear.

    I would trade leaving dyes out for fps performance anyday.

    All and all not much info but at least we have a bit better idea what direction the train of thought is headed.

  15. another boner approaches

  16. Mario Werner says:

    Nice read. Really liked it. Hope it will also come into the game and is not just a list of false promises. ;)

    One more question: What about Skill Caps in DF 2.0?

  17. James Dooney says:

    If you’re going to wipe you should really let people know, most of my alliance isn’t even playing any more because of this. In fact, you shouldn’t even bother with the siege addition to DF1.0 and the “end of darkfall” event you are planning, because if you plan on wiping, there will be no on playing anyway.

    • James Dooney says:

      What annoys me more is that you state “to the extent of our knowledge of the topic”, are you fucking kidding me? The coding is supposed to be finished next month and EVEN YOU don’t know the knowledge required to provide us whether or not you are going to wipe.

      “This is not an issue for the present, but you wouldn’t know it looking at our forums.” BECAUSE IT IS A FUCKING ISSUE.

  18. I know that Tasos is a little surprised by our interest in this topic but its normal to be like this after all our investment time in this game !
    The Wipe is an issue, a very important one that need to be addressed quickly !

    Just think for a moment Tasos, you are building your house somewhere. I’m a big investor and I’m coming and say: I’m not sure yet but there might be a highway passing here,it my pass your land and we will demolish your house.
    But look and the nice houses we will build next year !
    Would you continue to build your house ?

  19. Josh Wilson says:

    Great info, can’t wait for details.

  20. Loving the info AV, keep it coming. My faith can be renewed afterall.

  21. Thx AV, the armour looks awesome. Can’t wait for the relaunch !!

  22. Matt Goebel says:

    To be honest your answer about possible wipe speculation is terrible. You still have not articulated to your loyal community who has been with you for the last 2 years what in the heck you are doing.
    The explanation you gave is like the last several. Its a brain twist. You created more confusion than you have answered our questions. I haven’t logged in the for last month because you keep dancing around the answer of what or how you are wiping our current darkfall 1 server. Its upsetting and insulting to think we are so stupid that we can’t see that your totally avoiding our questions with gibberish.
    “This is not an issue for the present”
    “the possibility of a wipe is based on the current Darkfall status and facts. We haven’t wiped the server and we wouldn’t do it as things are now”
    This makes absolutely no sense.

  23. Matt Goebel says:

    See what you are going to learn here is that being honest with your loyal and dedicated PAID members is that we don’t like to feel like your taking advantage of us. We don’t like to have non truthful answers when we have questions. Now if you want to completely screw us after 2 years of being along side with you and not tell us what is going to happen to our accounts we will all be glad to quit. And when we go you will be left with less subscriptions, less core support, and less money. Tread lightly right now because the way you treat us now and tell us what is going on will pay off… or it will devastate your game. I’d like to use net flix and Eve as an example. Who makes this game run? We do. And if we feel like we are getting a bunch of vague non truthful crap we will revolt. We support you until we feel like we are being deceived then we will be happy elsewhere.

  24. Laxe GotLegs says:

    will even 1 or 2 of all these things make it into game?

    seeing from your history of promisses i guess only the salvage skill will get into game and be more or less useless

  25. Orc face says:

    If this update is what i expect it to be i and probably many more will come back. But a big issue is that every time i ask someone if they ever heard of the game they say no. Put this on steam or something and you would get 700 times more subs. One reason i quit was the dead server.

  26. Liked the posted image!!

  27. Another thing that should be added is More mounts, Many more mounts and having other ways to obtain them.

  28. Bear says:

    You built a new improved client that may not handle armor dying but is going to be able to run epic siege numbers?

  29. Nathan Kyer says:

    HA HA AHHAHA can we atleast get a reach around

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