The history of Agon, dynamic quests and monster models

The history of Agon, dynamic quests and monster models

You might have already been reading up on the recent lore introducing the history of the nomadic tribe of the Vargash.

In fact, the Vargashi culture seemed to put great stock into this pit-fighting. Many tribes would gather to watch matches between favorites among the wolf-like slaves they kept and bred. Where these slaves originated is not known, it is assumed they originally must have come from the area the Vargash settled their tent kingdom into. It is known that when the Chal d’Ean armies swept into the cities to put a decisive end to the Vargashi raids, the slave-race, finding themselves without masters for the first time in hundreds of years, melted back into the mountains and forests of the area.

The lore of specific races and monsters or NPCs in the game is going to start being used much more, not only for dynamic events, but also for dynamic quests. The more a player knows about the lore the easier it might be for him or her to solve a task. Initially, this will at least give him or her more understanding as to why certain dynamic events are happening or the “whys” behind a dynamic quest. In the example of the Vargash , a Vargashi NPC might approach certain races to ask for help while the Mahirim (based on their possible historical connection to the Vargashi) might be tasked with working against NPCs and their allies.

The Event and Quest team is working towards bringing the updated lore around Agon, backgrounds and history that are currently rediscovered by the Acolytes of the Watcher much more into the gameplay. So stay tuned for exciting future happenings.

Additionally, the art team agreed to provide us with a few images of this new monster family:
The Vargashi

Darkfall Vargashi

The Vargashi Runewielder
Darkfall Vargashi Runeweilder

The Vargashi Warrior
Darkfall Vargashi Warrior

23 Responses to The history of Agon, dynamic quests and monster models

  1. Mat Miehling says:

    It’s Shredder from TMNT!

  2. Zomgwtfbbq! Their armor better be lootable because it looks epicly awesome!

  3. Adam Westman says:

    This is very nice, happy to hear that you take questing to a new level and make lore a part of it.
    Especially the part about quests being approached differently depending on race.

  4. Loginserver says:

    Yeah that armor looks badass guys. I hope it’s decent.

  5. Woh, they look awesome !!!!

  6. Dual weilding swords? O_o Will the be lootable?

  7. Looking forward to it. :)

  8. Brian Ward says:

    Haha yes finally my lore knowledge will pay off beyond knowing where Sarlids come from!

  9. Lee Joyner says:

    Loverly. I can’t wait.

  10. Would be awesome if you could choose the ethnicity of your race. Really like the look of the last one!

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  20. Those look WAY WAY cooler than player characters. Its such a waste that they are NPC. Can we please get those armours and weapons player crafted with decent stats unlike existing mob clothing.

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