Siege system update /Media peek

This week in development we’re finishing up work on the new siege system and we’re continuing our work on Darkfall’s relaunch features. Our next scrum meeting will happen after the new system is in place, and this should yield more specifics. Business meetings have been focused on Asian and other localized versions of Darkfall, on Darkfall relaunch distribution, partnerships and timing specifics.

On the new siege system, things are looking good for deployment next week. Some bugs that where discovered during testing this week were addressed and no other issues have come up. The new siege system apart from the things we detailed in a previous blog article will also feature protection shards, an item that has been requested quite a few times by the community. Protection shards will come in 2 variations, large and small, and they will protect your holding against siege for 6 and 3 hours respectively.

There is another item related to sieges that has been inserted into the system but will not be active in the upcoming siege patch. Extension shards will enable the defending clan to push back or forward the actual time that siege goes live. There is an internal debate at the moment on whether to activate this feature, and if so, what sort of limitations should be imposed.

At the moment the shards can extend the time that the siege goes live by 3 or 6 hours. There are thoughts of adding 2 more extension shards that will make the siege go live 3 or 6 hours earlier than the original time. Some things to consider are:

  • -how long after the initial siege declaration a defending clan can use an extension shard,
  • -if there should be different time restrictions for shards that push the siege time back and ones that bring it forward, and
  • -if the 3 or 6 hours are too short or too long.

Keep in mind the extension shard implementation to the game will come with a small patch after the siege patch provided the community response is favorable.

We await your feedback on this feature.

For today’s media peek, our art team shared a concept of the redesigned Khamset monster family. Our artists are in the process of modeling now and we will show you the finished product as soon as it’s completed.

Our lore team provided the following:

As the Red Pharaoh exerts his tenuous influence from beyond the veil that separates life and death, the lands that were once his dominion begin to shift and distort. As Ur-Khamset grows in power in his bid to return to the lands of Agon, he reaches out to prepare his minions! The dry, dusty bones of those he cursed with undeath so long ago, twist with growing flesh, warping them into their master’s image and needs.

Thank you for reading

72 Responses to Siege system update /Media peek

  1. David Hicks says:


    Good Update, Looking forward to siege patch and 2.0 / release!

  2. I would suggest those delay shards be 1-2 hours eaither way not 3/6!

    • Yes, you are right. The extension shards shouldn’t push the time this much. The attacking clan would have to plan in a time frame of 12 hours ( +6 / -6 ). This is impossible for most people. Sieges would only happen on saturday evening with this.

      • Agreed. Extension shards should be able to shift time forward or back, but not by much (0.5~ 1.5 hours) or they will make protection shards irrelevant(and there should be a 9 hour protection shard).

        I look froward to seeing how this works in practice – as a clan who have lost our holding to server up sieges by veterans, I really do hope however that the cost of protection shards is not such that they prohibit casual players from actually using them.

  3. hahahahhaahahahhahahHAHAHAHA

    that is the siege expansion?

  4. “will make the siege go live 3 or 6 hours earlier than the original time”

    Uhh…might wanna fix that typo…

  5. forgot to mention, able to delay the siege by 6 hours??? do u REALLY play the game?

    say a siege goes live at 10pm, that means i can delay it to 2 am?

    lol. keep failing more please and sell the company.

    only 1 hour and 2 hours tops could be delayed.

  6. China, Asia, partnerships, localized versions, redistribution timing specifics, implementation.

    Seriously who is this blog for? Your stockholders? What a bunch of shit and fluff.

  7. Kean Megahan says:

    If a delay/increase to siege timers, WERE implemented,it would definitely only need to be like 30m-1hr or something pretty minimal,but noticeable enough to be effective/annoying.Im not sure its a good idea altogether.

  8. nice to see,that something’s moving in DF
    When will the expansion released?

  9. You are living back to the community, everyone is asking you an exact date for the new expansion. Sieges do not want updates, we do not know how they will be new dungeons, and how they will improve the graphics, WE WANT TO KNOW WHEN WILL LEAVE THE NEW GAME. How hard is enterder to you?, Seem to live in a reality completely oblivious to what happens in their own game, people stop playing, guilds go, because you do not advertise the damn time and it’s pointless to keep playing your game with these perspectives.

  10. Weren’t you guys going to add protection shards like a month after release?

  11. typeForces says:

    I love the idea of extension shards.

    Please make them 30min +\- and have them craftable so you can add 6 shards together to apply one 3hr extension, 7 for a 3.5hr extension. That way we could make the time fit the defenders preference and with a better window then 3 or 6 hours.

    You will need to use these shards within the 1st 12hrs of the timer.


  12. Jonas Opasi says:

    more shit………………… AV FAILS AGAIN!!!!

  13. Brian Ward says:

    Sweet, Ur-Khamset has not been forgotten by the devs! I cannot wait to go into the Pyramid. Though, I’d rather go to Kasdim :P

  14. We don’t want little snip-its of an update. We want the entire package with a REAL date of release, that you will hold yourselves responsible for. You owe us that much.

  15. Dylan Han says:

    Please reconsider the implimentaion of these shards to the game, delaying a siege will stop sieges…And sieges at the moment are the only reason people continue to login.

  16. James Rodney says:

    The extension shards are a good idea but I suggest 1, 3 and 6 hour shards. We don’t know what the recipe/rarity is to make them yet. So, I’m not going to speculate on how much effect they are going to have.

    The protection shards are going to make for fractured clans. However, if it holds true that a “large” clan can only take a holding then things get intesting as far as how numbers can be utilized and manipulated.

    Here is a scenerio I forsee: Zerg clan attacks a city with a strength of 100+ members. takes the holding then fractures off to 10 alts to maintain the holding and creates another clan of 100 to go take another holding. The “Protection” shards will be used on all the holdings with alts and never be able to be sieged.

    Protection Shards better be super ultra rare in order to prevent this.

  17. Bear says:

    Will protection Shards be available in cash shops?

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  19. What the fuck? Legal self siege shit? You can’t be fuckin serious.

  20. Jesse Ryan says:

    Where is the Chosen of Khamset? How dare they not be in the sneak peak! I’ve killed thousands of those fucks-can’t wait to see what they look like.

  21. Sentius Nox says:

    ok so all I see is u just brought back self sieges with the same thing thats suposed to getrid of them. the protection shards can now be bought and used when ever u want so someone can just buy and keep useing them and be protected forever. u need to put a limit of one shard per day for the protection and extension shards. so u can only use one then it would be ok to keep the times at 3 and 6 hours.

  22. Sooooo….. will there be a wipe?

  23. Dear Aventurine –
    One of the main goals of the siege update was to ELIMINATE self sieging. I do not understand how adding protection shards is a good thing.

    Protection shards are a bad idea! If you insist on implementation then I pose the following questions:

    How often can protection shards be used?
    How much do protection shards cost?
    Will you be able to see on the map which holdings are under protection?

    All in all I think protection shards are a terrible idea. You are giving the defender the ability to move the siege timeframe and that is enough.

  24. Roman Shuya says:

    I think you need to stop making news about the options. You’re scaring players.

  25. Please reconsider the implimentaion of these shards to the game, delaying a siege will stop sieges…And sieges at the moment are the only reason people continue to login.

    And… Will there be a wipe?

  26. Matt Coffelt says:

    “For today’s media peek, our art team shared a concept of the redesigned Khamset monster family. Our artists are in the process of modeling now and we will show you the finished product as soon as it’s completed”

    REALLY?? your just now modeling them????…how much more concept art crap is left to model??????

    Of all the drivel that came out today this one worries me the most, because if your still modeling things… they cant even be close to a release date.

  27. Jonas Opasi says:

    wow as you can see again Tasos you r a dick… look at all the posts above me that thing your one…….

  28. Sword play says:

    You guys are so retarded. The protection shards will not be spammable. Probably only one allowed use per holding per day. This way if you want to protect your holdings from server up sieges or times when clan members are the most occupied you can. Also you could protect your holdings during time when you will be dropping a siege and don’t want to defense while offensive seiging.

    And if someone drops on you at multiple holdings you can use the delay shards to space out the seige timers so that you can defend them one at a time.

    Don’t be cry babies, this isnt legal self seiging. It a game mechanic added to balance the seige system. Post positive fucking feedback not qq’s

  29. ohh my good stooop all what you are doing please and sell game to company with some understanding off game concept

    Shard that can delay a seige for 3-6 hours isnt good

    Adress off what all wanna know about relese date and wipe issue not adressed

    Again showing us a picture khamsets making me belive game isnt even close of beeing ready talking about 2.0 version

    common give us a friggin bone here we are paying for game you do know that

  30. Jeremie Bair says:

    What about fixing the Sea Tower times??? Another two sea towers just occurred this week at 10:30 and 10:00am.

  31. I believe being able to push back the siege time is great. I also think the defenders should be able to push forward the siege time.

  32. Josh Wilson says:

    The system seems to be getting far too convoluted. The average player struggles to understand the nuances of the siege rules as it is, now you’re throwing in more twists and complicating things further. Nice to see protection shards getting implemented finally (I remember they were due to be implemented during beta 2.5 years ago). Extension shards and multiple sieges on a single holding will just confuse the hell out of casual players. I think you were on to a good thing with shardholder sieges, it just needed to be refined further to deal with disconnects and such. I don’t know how you expect players to be so involved with the game at all times that they will be able to deal with all these potential twists and turns associated with the simple concept of taking a city by force from another clan. Its like beurocracy in the form of a videogame. Just let us attack a damn city and take it ffs.

  33. Lol, I cancelled my last subscriptions last Friday and figured this Friday would be the last time I checked the blog to see if Tasos could recover at all.

    And it’s only getting worse…

    Oh well. Followed this game since 2004, played since beta… had to move on some time.

  34. How about that Darkfall 2010 then eh? Hahaha /trollface

  35. James Rodney says:

    Ok you guys are all bitching about “self sieging”. Am I the only one who read a couple updates ago that once a holding is “under siege” any number of other clans can also seige at the same time?

    Self sieging is a stupid idea. It would open you up to everyother clan for less of a wager. Whoever does the most damage wins the siege.

    Why the fuck would anyone self siege under those conditions?

  36. Matt Goebel says:

    I don’t even care about seige crap. What i care about is the Darkfall year 2010 patch. Its September 2011 if anyone has looked at a calender recently. Give me a break. Cancelled my subscription this week.

  37. Jonas Opasi says:

    lol I come back a day latter and there are more posts that think AV are dicks…

  38. Protection shards are a GOOD thing IF they prevent 5am or server up sieges. They are a BAD thing if they prevent primetime sieges.

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  40. Tyler Burke says:

    As if the posts above me haven’t got the point across – what a joke.

    What is the point of an extension shard? Stop server up sieges? At what cost – turning prime time sieges into early morning ones?

    Stupid, thoughtless idea.

    • Tyler Burke says:

      Guilds schedule sieges for specific times to garner as many troops as possible.

      What is my guild supposed to do when we post on our forums “SIEGE @ 8PM PST”, thus having our members clear their schedules to be there, only to have the siege delayed past our members’ available times?

      Extension shards are a truly ridiculous idea that will be abused and will only server to waste people’s time.

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  42. Saul Manzano says:

    df 2.0 ~ 1/2 year (+-1year) ?? ;P

  43. I hope everyone at AV has a real job that can pay their bills once this turd sinks.

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