November 18th Patch Notes

Here are the patch notes for today’s patch.

- Fixes for player-village control-points to force free state if owner clan doesn’t exist
- Altered house tax-not-paid flag display text to ensure it fits in the targeting component
- Player-village control-points now revert to maximum health after 20 minutes of not taking damage
- Skill XP-gains set to 4x for the “phat loot” weekend
- Fixed “silent bind-stone recall / rune-stone marking” exploit
- Fixed “emotes cutting animations / sounds” exploit
- Fixed “trading with invulnerable player” exploit
- Fixed trading while traveling exploit
- House owners can set bank access permissions for tenants
- House bank sessions close automatically if the player losses the house (owners) or access permissions (tenants)
- Global loot increases for the “phat loot” weekend

Also all valid Darkfall accounts have now been reactivated and already active accounts have had 3 days added to their subscription times.

37 Responses to November 18th Patch Notes

  1. accounts are not activated fool

    ps 1st

  2. Thanks Av. You guys rock my world.
    I love Darkfall! :)

  3. account is not active (#3)

  4. Log in on your account on the website. “Join happy-hour weekend” ;) DONE!

  5. Sentius Nox says:

    and guys the said in the damn post it works for trials too so stop bitchin and just hit the happy button……=P

  6. Jeff Terry says:

    Yes, you just have to log in on the website.

    HOWEVER – Tasos should have AT LEAST mentioned that in this post… The fact that he didn’t simply shows how poorly AV communicates…

  7. Jacob Sovoda says:

    Where is the happy hour button located at? Where in the account page?

  8. ничерта не дали. святая правда.

  9. Too bad this happened the week Skyrim came out…

  10. Yea lol, I was like, I would…. except I have so much to do in Skyrim, and if someone interrupts me, well I can just reload.

  11. I logged into my old trial account. No happy-weekend button. They said in original post that trial accounts would be reactivated.. Now when I go back there, its not there.

  12. Lee Joyner says:

    Looks like there is less of a gain with melee and buff spells compared with offensive spells. Oh well, too bad.

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  14. Mario Werner says:

    Worthless patch. And still nothing about 2.0.

  15. Turn back on the super skill gains… I missed the weekend.

  16. Lee Joyner says:

    I sure hope 2.0 news is coming tomorrow. I would hope the free weekend plus 4x gain is a harbinger of some important info.

  17. Servers are dead once again. AV isnt posting an update. This seems familiar from a loyal follower from 2006!

  18. alas….not info…no communication…typical move by a horribly managed PR dept.

  19. James Smith says:

    30th Nov 2011, still no ETA for the ETA for Darkfall 2010..

  20. Lee Joyner says:

    They need to fix the desync issue, at least, or at least acknowledge it.

  21. and…………..silence.LOL.

    Its like you guys are trying to become the most epic MMO fail company of all time.

  22. Lee Joyner says:

    Where is the Media Sneak Peak? Seriously?

  23. AV has no empathy. Ever since beta, they have been afraid of what people may think about their game yet they come out and say that “not everyone is going to like Darkfall for its hardcore features”. AV, the only people you hurt are the true fans that defend you. Now we dont defend you and you see the result of that. Only reason we play the game is cause it has potential but is never seen by the developers but only the fans.

  24. Gekø Auer says:


    Today is Friday 2 December.

    Last post was 18 November.

    Can you post something else?Like..

    -Media Peak
    -Further details about Darkfall 2.0 and ETA

    Please,thank you.

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