New Siege System: Dev Notes and Manual

New Siege System: Dev Notes and Manual

Here are the development notes for the new siege system :

► New Siege system. For more specific information on this read the related article as well as the Siege System Manual that has been compiled by Jon, the main developer of the new system. You can get the Manual in PDF format here.

► Resource changes:

  • Clan-stone hamlet, health decreased.
  • Clan-stone city, health increased.
  • Small siege-stone, health decreased.
  • Small siege-stone, maximum binds increased.
  • Large siege-stone, health decreased.
  • Medium siege-stone now “useless”, can be sold back to NPC Vendors for full-refund.
  • New item – protection shard small, gives 3 hours protection from siege initiation.
  • New item – protection shard large, gives 6 hours protection from siege initiation.
  • Both protection shard items can be purchased from Councillor NPC in racial capitals
  • Protection shards must be activated near the clan-stone of the holding to be protected, by a high-ranking clan member of the clan who owns the holding, and only that holding will be protected
  • Protection shard items share a clan-wide 24-hour cool-down (ie. only 1 can be used, per clan, per 24 hours)
  • Clan-city barrels prop, health decreased.

► Activation timers added to dungeon portals and clan teleportation chambers. To activate a portal you will need to stand still for 10 seconds after using it.

This is a massive system, and while it has been tested thoroughly, we do expect some glitches to perhaps surface while in use by the players. The developers are standing by. Your feedback will be crucial for quick fixes to be implemented.

Thank you for reading

33 Responses to New Siege System: Dev Notes and Manual

  1. nice one,

    and finally you add the timer on dungeon portals :)

    • I would like to see a Dark Ages of Camelot approach where players could use the clan keep as a last stand point and the Bindstone is no longer the origin of siegeing.. Honestly, how stupid is it to see 50 guys surround a stone and stack on one another to take it down or shoot it from outside the city walls with a cannon? Make it like in DAOC and put a High Level NPC “Clan Hero” that fights in the clan keep and isnt exploitable.

      In DAOC, when the walls went down people would go to the center keep and close the Keep doors. Then the enemy would roll up his battering ram to the keep doors to knock them down while the defenders would prepare for their last stand inside the clan keep. This is how it was done in medieval times.. Take LOTR helms deep as an example. Think about how much more fun sieges would become knowing your not out of the fight once your walls go down. And numbers dont count for shit when in close quarters like in a Keep if defended well.

  2. Judy Schmidt says:

    Not our barrels!!! Why would you nerf the barrels?!

  3. Looking pritty good, first few sieges are going to be very interesting!

  4. I just read your entire PDF of 7 pages , i’ve understood everything but i still need a precision .

    To initiate a challenge your need to drop a shard , and then place a siegestone , ok.

    But for additionnal attackers , they have to place siegestone too , but do they need to drop a shard in the holding ?


  5. looks like a good siege system!!!
    i will not resub over it though…

    we are still waiting for a clarification on wipe and when is df 2.0 going to be released if it is ever released…

    • Thanks for the clarification Laenih.

      One more question :

      Someone decide to attack my holding.

      My allies declare war on me , siege me and go as additionnal attackers.
      They can destroy all ennemies siegestones before the city went vulnerable , and then win percentage of the wagerpot by destroying these stones ; and my guild win the challenge by destroying the last stone of my allies , keep the city and win the entire wager.

      Seems too easy , but this is the only problem i found in your system

      • I don’t understand how that is a problem tbh.. the enemy should know they aren’t friends and would protect their seige stones..

        I just don’t see how its any different than your allies not decalring war on you and just trying to destroy the enemy stones like they are supposed to

  6. Huck Flint says:

    Are these the complete patch notes for this update? In the August 26th update you mentioned: “Since we decided to make the relaunch a much bigger project, we decided to bring a few of its features to the current version.” which gave the expectation of a few features being added.

  7. Best thing in this patch was the dungeon portals.

    Guess what probably too the least amount of coding and time to implement? Guess how many other small little fixes like this there are that would greatly improve the game.

  8. Well, finally a patch. Tell me when you make a real patch then maybe I’ll sub. It took you guys months to get this siege thing out when it was supposed to only take a week or two.

    GYST or GTFO.

    • Have you ever had an idea and set about doing it, thinking it would take you a small amount of time, only to realize in your quest to make it as perfect as possible that it took a lot longer then expected?

      The dungeon portal patch was long overdue though. Glad to see it made it in.

      I love how the haters seem to cling to the game the longest! That’s a social experiment in the making…

      • Tim Little says:

        they hate on the game because they care but are frustrated. they like the game or why waste the time. i know they are a small company and it takes awhile to get stuff done but they could atleast communicate more. because of this patch they decided they could get away with not taking 10-20 minutes to write up a spotlight on the upcoming expansion.

  9. Jonny Smith says:

    Rate of progress with the game is too slow and no one is going to resub over a new siege mechanic.

    Adding a timer to dungeon portals was suggested over 1.5 years ago.To take this amount of time to deliver such a simple fix tells you all you need to know about Aventurine I’m afraid.

  10. Ryan Dunn says:

    Jesus christ how long has it been since we’ve been asking for dungeon portal timers?

    And how about tower screams? Are they still in?

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  12. Pallist says:

    This looks great. Couple more fixes and I’ll come back.

    Is there a way to prevent a defending clan from allowing an alt clan to join the attacks and letting it do over 50 percent damage to the stone?

  13. Tim Little says:

    do we still get a spotlight tomorrow?

  14. Matt Goebel says:

    Awesome. More things released. We pay to test them for you. Wow kinda like the last 2 years. Wonder when the actual game you intended to sell us will be released. Not resubbing either. Already spent 2 years paying to test your beta game.

  15. Anyone else wanna see the new interface, i’d like to think it’d be a bit of a refresher from what we’ve been being shown.

  16. they should remove clan cities and make ffa

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