Media Sneak Peek

Media Sneak Peek

In today’s sneak peek we have another video for you. There’s a little bit of new in quite a few things that you will see. New dungeon and new lighting system that you have already seen but also a new monster, and a new armor model. New Yssam Dungeon

16 Responses to Media Sneak Peek

  1. How about give us a clear cut answer concerning the wipe.

    Yes. No. Partial. Keep characters, wipe bank/holdings etc.

    Don’t keep your loyal subscribers in the dark and not knowing whether they should keep grinding or just go nuts before we get wiped.

  2. Animations are really great. It gives those creatures personality.

  3. Sean Sych says:

    You guys need to hurry up and get this released. Put a new server up on the west coast again I hate my new ping. Put the server in Seattle.

  4. That is looking awesome, can’t wait !!

  5. I have only one question. DF 2… WHEN?

  6. Looks ok in general, the new lighting system is much better.
    What still needs improvement is the animation, especially the mob animation(the player animation is fine).
    Fix the floating of the mob and also the walking, most of the mobs look like skaters more then walkers.
    Keep up the good work !

  7. It’s just a character. If you’re that worried about a character wipe and all your precious time you should probably stop playing video games and do something else with your time. (general replay to the character wipe whining)

  8. And this is Darkfall2? Loosy blur and loud sounds? Are you guys fine there? :)

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  11. Lucien Vogel says:

    That place looks nice, Can’t wait to pvp there with all the stairs etc. great surroundings.

    But one thingy, when the character dies, HOW CAN HE PUT HIS SWORD AWAY?
    Better let him fall with wide arms…:P just saying

  12. Philip Gheno says:

    Looks good, but some things still worry me.

    The monsters are still scattered around, inviting the idea that players can solo entire dungeons by themselves. The traditional dungeon experience that we all love, involved being with your friends and accomplishing trials and hardship together.

    1) If monsters had aggro triggers to instate a pack mentality.
    2) Each room had specific idea’s and goals to test the group.
    3) Bosses at the end the end of each dungeon

    I beg you please bring back group PvE. It is and MMO, we should be playing with our friends. Right now we all PvE by ourselves or in pairs.

  13. I’m with Philip, I rarely PvE in a group of 2 or 3. Would be fun if something got groups of people together for PvE aside from being in a clan.

  14. Awesome graphics… BUT if most people notice… its pretty much the same graphics as they are now except now… because of pvp and how much is at stake people turn graphics down as low as possible.

    Im happy AV is patching up some graphics but everyone needs to remember shadows will be set to “off” blood “off” dynamic lights “low” and why? To keep FPS up. No one wants to run 30-40 FPS and look nice dying when the enemy is running Darkfall as close to 2D as possible and getting 200+ Fps…. but we will see

    will all the nice graphics get turned off? or will there be some real changes….

    I personally would LOVE to run DF full graphics if everyone had to as well….

    How silly would it be to run shadows and not see your enemies who run no shadows and see you from a mile away….

    Dont forget lessons of DF1 AV

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