Media Sneak Peek

Media Sneak Peek

It’s time for another sneak peek. Today we have a video for you that shows the new Chain Mail armor. Filming had to be cut short due to unforeseen circumstances…

Check the video by clicking here.

20 Responses to Media Sneak Peek

  1. Bear says:

    Is chainmail still shit gear or we actually see this model used? Is this racial armor? Would it look different if he had orc chain alfar chain and human chain pieces? Is this DF2 or DF 2010 or will it be patched into the current DF?

  2. Brian Ward says:

    Ugh do you have to spam the same thing in TWO places?

    Thanks AV, it looks great so far.

  3. Is it me, or did i see HDRL in this vid?

  4. Salim Lamri says:

    the Ragaizan need a brain i think lol

  5. Judy Schmidt says:

    Ahaha, that was great. Media sneak peaks are my new favorite updates. They’re simple, fun, and you can’t argue about them unless you’re Bear.

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  7. Looks very good indeed.
    Do not forget us Tasos, we are still waiting for an official statement about DF1 and DF2 related to old chars.

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  9. Very nice Av, good job

    Is the next video about robe and hood? ;)

  10. Great Update, the Ragaizan looks awesome :D

  11. Xillydor says:

    Did evem gozilla join DF?

  12. Sentius Nox says:

    U said the Ragaizan was guna be HUGE!!!!! thats not HUGE!!!! thats big-ish make it twice that size and it will be as big as u said it would be.

  13. Styrr Lol says:

    Tha tmonster needs to be AT LEAST five time bigger than actually.

  14. Bear says:

    Lol although posted with sarcasm those were all really legitimate questions. Here is one more with out the sarcasm It’s been since EU when I played a human is that the new model or the old one?

  15. Monster needs to be bigger.

  16. Angel Rivera says:

    Ragaizan was never descripted as “its gona be huge” thats just one of the unique boss monsters – each continent will have there own ie. niff Yeti.

    They mentioned a monster that was gona be huge and have its own land basically….that has yet to be revealed…remember the last event 5 years ago about the red pharoh?

  17. Bobby Smith says:

    I wonder what the changes are to Chain Armor?

    Its just useless and would never be used if things stay similar as they are now, makes you wonder why that crap is even in the game currently

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