Fast skill up weekend details.

Servers will go down this Friday November 18th on the normal maintenance time.

During maintenance a patch will be applied that will first of all address some issues that the community has pointed out. Additionally all skill increase rates will quadruple and loot drops across the board will be increased. At the same time, all inactive accounts (minus banned accounts) will be reactivated for 3 days.

Additionally, all active accounts will get 3 days added to their subscription time.

34 Responses to Fast skill up weekend details.


  2. Kevin Grixti says:

    Sweet good job av :D

    I will deff be running around thouse whole 3 days :D

  3. Actually gonna call a few old friends… :)

  4. Ladesma Bell says:

    Ok, nice… I cant post in the forums, tried to make a ticket but it was closed… anyways.. Keep the fast skillups, drop the bleedout and make it a pop up so ppl can walk away .. make someone lootable when their “bleeding out/in” .. .. also, I know no one will like this, keep the game fast paced and add all skill and spell loss at gank .. .. all or some, I d prefer all TBA.. you ll see more “class based focus” ingame and more teem work I m sure?

  5. Wish I could be there, but my time online is very limited this weekend as I’ve got a date :)

  6. Are the servers fixed and the horrible lag/latency/disconnect issues gone?

  7. Why don’t you play the free weekend and see for yourself douche bags.

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  9. Thc says:

    3free days aw shit av avoided a shit storm with that one

  10. Why didnt you guys make it a week?

    Not going to download a 9gig torrent (even if its only a couple of hours not including patch time) for -at most- day and a half of play time (sat to mid-sunday).

    Why do you guys continue to be 60%’rs?

  11. James Dooney says:

    cbf playing with 280 ping

  12. Are you guys also going to advertise this anywhere else? I can’t believe you haven’t actually done so allready…

  13. Martin Erber says:

    An open free complete week would be great, 5-6 days..but yea better than nothing

  14. Lucien Vogel says:

    What a silly comments

  15. Robin Miller says:

    Why the hell have you not sent out emails letting former players know about this? Why have you not posted anything on your Facebook page? Do the news sites know about this?

    A days notice is not enough. This is one deadline you would be wise to miss….

  16. Skill increase…does this include Spell gains increase as well?

  17. remove murder counts for inactive accounts!!!

  18. Aw, apparently my friends wont be coming back anyways. They called it macro-weekend and laughed. And I kinda understand them. Wipe allready and finnish 2.0

  19. Well, I used the weekend and actually it was fun. The increased skillgain was a nice bonbon. Thanks for that and get your stuff sorted, so that we get some TRUE informations about the future. Without that I wont resub.

  20. was a bonbon to have fun for some time cause of wipe?

    or was it to push “low’ies” up that they can join daily pvp?

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