Darkfall Activity Report: Scrum

Darkfall Activity Report: Scrum

We have a few more things to add to the HellFreeze expansion to consider it complete. There’s a small patch in the next couple of days and there’s going to be another one pretty soon to add the offline skilling functionality I spoke about in the previous activity report.

On the offline skilling feature, I wanted to stress that we are very aware of the need to do this properly and we will take very careful steps as to not upset the balance of the game. There will be several more meetings and brainstorming sessions on this before it’s tested and we put it out.  We will also be asking for feedback on this feature before we finalize things and after the functionality is in place it’s very easy to make quick changes if needed.

In today’s activity report we’ll give you a quick look at the development process here at Aventurine: We use agile software development methods, and more specifically we use Scrum.  We ended the planning meetings last week and this week we broke up in eleven teams. Each team has a team leader, a set of specific tasks to achieve and contains members which may be on more than one team. This is roughly what the teams will be working on for the next Scrum session (called a sprint) which is going to run for the next couple of weeks:

  • Team 1 is going to be working on activities having to do with streamlining the world for the next expansion.
  • Team 2 will work on player character optimizations.
  • Team 3 on motion capture animations.
  • Team 4 on engine updates having to do with game visuals.
  • Team 5 is working on the offline skilling, and on diplomacy and clan tools.
  • Team 6 is working on environmental sounds.
  • Team 7 is working on game logic updates having to do with resolving some issues and bugs, and tools for GMs.
  • Team 8 is doing work and research related to the user interface.
  • Team 9 has been working on server control tools for several weeks already.
  • Team 10 is working on events, quests and various other related activities.
  • Team 11 is working on the design and features of the next expansion.

There are a couple of extra teams which are going to be working on future plans beyond the next expansion but this work will be done periodically since we have to focus on what’s coming next. At the end of each sprint we all gather up in the large meeting room on the ground floor of the Aventurine offices, we demonstrate our work to each other and discuss our progress. After the next one we’ll probably be able to discuss the results of this sprint in more detail.

We hope this small glimpse into our process was interesting to you and it puts things into perspective as far as our general direction for the next few weeks.

Thank you for reading

27 Responses to Darkfall Activity Report: Scrum

  1. Brad Risser says:

    I like team 5. Go!! Go!!

  2. team 12 PVP balancing and improvements?

  3. Can we get a HD version of that image? :)

  4. Brian Ward says:

    Go go team 6!

    Thank you Tasos and Aventurine, it’s always interesting to see what happens behind the scenes, thanks a lot for the continued communication.

  5. Pretty damn cool how your communicating now. + to u guys.

  6. F*cking loving the communication AV. You’re improving a shit ton so fast it’s rediculous.

  7. Where’s the prestige class team ?
    Team 11?
    Lets go team 11

  8. Daniel Kelly says:

    Blah, was never a big fan of Scrum, especially for making games, then again I’m a very on the fly developer. I have to use version control on solo projects just so I can leave things broken as I jump between things.

  9. Libra Lives approves of this message. Transparency is fundamental.

  10. Anyone else notice that the “Testing” column only has one post-it. That certainly helps explain the number of bugs every patch has. :P

  11. Perfect information. Very cool.

    You will soon rock the world i believe.

  12. As a developer myself this is the information I have been looking for the entire time. Perfect, way to keep the updates coming I know the challenge first hand.

  13. Gray Fox says:

    Wow very nice read. That method seems pretty productive.

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  15. John Mandila says:

    i dint know you use scrum for development
    <3 AV

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  18. Go Darkfall go! I am rooting for ya! Best MMO out there! Going against the norms of mainstream MMO’s, Darkfall is a unique and totally fun experience for hardcore gamers.

    Although I will admit, it is very frustrating when you die and lose all your shit, it is the most adrenaline pumping game I have ever played! The only complaint I ever had was with the skill grind, but it is not as bad as it used to be and as long as you don’t get obsessed with trying to have the strongest character and have your skills maxed out, you will enjoy Darkfall.

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