Activity Report April 8th

This past week the main activity has been working on features for Darkfall’s relaunch. Some short-term milestones are also being worked on as well.

We were happy to see that the patch was well received and we are looking into some issues reported, mainly the progression rate of crafting and melee skills. They have indeed been raised to match the previous increase of the other skills, but we’re looking into perhaps making some more adjustments there. Also, the Fish Box introduced in the last patch is getting looked over: we had decided initially that it shouldn’t be possible to have both a Strongbox and a Fish Box on the same ship at the same time. This will change so you will be able to deploy both at the same time. Also, the Fish Box will be invulnerable, but you still need to protect it since anyone can take items out of it. Loot tables for the Fish Box have been adjusted and you’ll have a greater chance of higher rank items when using it. When a ship is sunk, both the Strongbox contents and the Fish Box contents will remain in the debris.

Another change to the last patch content could be the addition of two more church types for player convenience serving the two ends of the alignment spectrum. More on this as soon as we’ve tested.

The artists are done with the Ragaizan modeling and animations and the AI team is working on bringing this epic monster to life. The Ragaizan occupies a plateau of its own, somewhere in the jungle continent of Yssam, along with its’ minions. Another Darkfall epic monster, the Yeti and the Yeti family of monsters (White, Gray, and Storm), have also been passed along from the Art team to the AI guys. Vargashi animations are now complete and the new Infernal (see image) and Celestial models are now finished.  Oathbounds, Elementals, Ogres, Revenants and a few other monsters have been revamped.

An ongoing task for the Art team has to do prop making, adjusting attach points for new monsters, fitting the new armors on the new player models as well as various animation tweaks and additions.

Our worldbuilders are now completely done with monster spawn placement in all the racial areas and the team is now focusing on the center of Agon.  Work has also begun on the Central Dungeon. It’s going to be very different than the current one and you will see great improvements in it.

A significant change coming with the “Arena” expansion to NPC city layouts is that there will be only one starting town for each race. This will be each race’s capital city. There will also be three racial NPC faction cities around each capital. In addition to these changes geared to make starting areas more user-friendly, all NPC racial vendors will offer the same serivces whether they are situated n the capital or in the faction cities. All types of workstations will be in all NPC cities as well.

Characters that aren’t welcome in the starting areas can interact with the new Dungeon Chaos Vendors. These are placed in each dungeon. They can also interact with wilderness vendors, at least one available per race, who are not  guarded by a tower.

Over 50 percent of Darkfall’s quests have been rewritten and many introductory training quests have also been added, to guide new players through most aspects of Darkfall’s gameplay.

We’ve made some adjustments in the amount of damage dealt by monsters and these are more noticeable the tougher the monster is. Loot has been adjusted accordingly.

The programmers and the designers have been working on the new siege system, scheduled to come with Darkfall’s relaunch. We’ve been testing many scenarios and we’d like to thank you for your feedback to date on the conquest system, a lot of good ideas there.

The stacking bug has been tracked down and several instances of it have been fixed. More work is needed in gold-stacking before it’s fully addressed.

Last but not least, the new armor specialization system is now in full development. We will give you specifics on the system as they become available.

Being in mid-sprint, this about all we have on our development activities for now.

In non-development news, Aventurine is involved in the International Philosophy of Games Conference going on in Athens, a couple of our people are keynote speakers, in mostly non-Darkfall related topics due to the nature of the conference. Also, we’re happy to announce that Aventurine was one of the 4 Greek innovation companies selected  by a panel of Silicon Valley venture capitalists to go to Palo Alto California to work with them in raising funding for our current and future projects.

Thank you for reading

50 Responses to Activity Report April 8th

  1. *sigh* No good news here…
    I hope will will get a few videos and screenies soon.
    And maybe a new ETA ( but thats too much to ask for )

  2. Lee Joyner says:

    Fantastic infernal armor concept!

  3. Some of this info makes me think that when DF is relaunched I will want to start the game over again with a scratch character.

    Good stuff, esp the Infernal with the sithra =D

  4. “Over 50 percent of Darkfall’s quests have been rewritten”

    Awww…and after completing over 100 quests I was starting to get used to the broken engrish that occupies the storyline texts of Darkfall quests haha. Gave DF a sense of humor…or maybe it was just that the questing system was intentionally a joke in DF.

    I guarantee rewards for accomplishing things that take HOURS to do still give rewards like 50 gold and 1 Bone Helmet.

  5. Jake Leidy says:

    “Last but not least, the new armor specialization system is now in full development. We will give you specifics on the system as they become available.”

    So, last year when you showed us screen shots of a character in full studded, that was just something you guys whipped together in a brainstorming session. Are we to assume that this Yssam dinosaur and Asain mobs are only images of what you think they might look like next year when you start working on them?


  6. Angel Rivera says:

    The new infernals look sick… these mobs are starting to look real good… lets hope when they release Arena next year that the game can hold the attention of more people this time… so far its only the PvPers…if there is no big battle pvp there is no fun…thats the attitude many people have at the moment.

  7. new siege system for the expansion ?

    fix this self-siege shit asap ..

  8. Emil Flink says:

    What does the Relaunch mean?

  9. Kevin Grixti says:

    nice pic

    but wtf sieges fixed in dfarena??? your shitting me :(

  10. More talking about shit that should of been implemented last year
    Fix the siege system it can be done in a hot fix fix the bugged mobs around the world, fix pve so it’s not mind numbing and frustrating to farm for a pvp set for an hour you will lose in 5 mins from zerglings

  11. I want an ETA on this expansion. Or at least till this next patch.

    I Demand a response to the Prestige Classes. This armor specializing is a pile of crap if you dont balance the classes. What about those new Arrow Types u talked about with paragus. What about new skills and new PvP mechanics.

  12. SUN already won Darkfall

  13. Great news re: VCs, have a fun trip

  14. Please unlink the siege fix from the expansion and patch it in asap. We currently have a game of conquest in which the defenders can avoid all sieges if they don’t want to fight.

  15. After reading this all I can really say is…
    “Ok. I’ll be waiting”


  17. David Hicks says:

    yay more info, also give us a really speculative guess as to the actual date of this shit. Also are the for sure gonna put boxes in stores?

  18. Inb4 qq about infernal mob dropped sithras.

  19. Alex Olszowy says:

    I do like the new infernal it’s a good concept but the wings are alil too much. Maybe you should make some nice shoulder guards.

  20. Just fix the selfsiege problem and im happy

  21. I think item-based specialisation is a bad bad idea. It doesn’t even matter that we have no details on how it will work; it is a given that it will make the game more item-based. It’s like Age of Shadows all over again.

  22. omg infernals look good…

    cant wait for dfarena!!! but 2012 is pretty faraway!!!!

    did anyone mention that early Q2 is now?

  23. Adam Westman says:

    So. Since I cannot see other ppl talking about the interesting things mentioned in this info shall I?

    Two new churches, to serve people on both ends of the Alignment scale.

    So, by these lines I read, but then I’m always hoping to hear something like this and can be imagining things.
    That darkfall will soon have factions that you can maybe do quests towards, that these factions could be the already mentioned organizations that are attached to each faction if you check the lore.
    That players who are “Good” have access to one church, while others have access to an “Evil” one, these churches can then give quests according to your status, daily ones.
    If these Organizations and Churches have some sort of “Reputation/Standing” attached to them, it could be a whole new level of metagaming currently not in darkfall. And this could by far change the game the most.

    How would you, if you analyze what I wrote here, say if this was added to the game? positive / negative thoughts. Would you feel left out if each Race had their own 3 factions that you, as another race, would be unable to interact with. Or would you like the added gameplay elements that factions with exclusive quests, perks and items could bring to the table?

    • Tyler Burke says:

      @ Adam

      Factional conflict was one of Darkfall’s main pillars before the launch of the game, but AV didn’t provide the backbone for such a system to persist more than the first 3 weeks of the game.

      Factional/racial conflict was the reason why I followed Darkfall pre-beta, so I want such a system in-game as much as anyone. That said, I can’t help but say it’s too late to implement. The fact that almost every guild (or at least major guild) is ARAC denies any probability of racial warfare, let alone factional. Therefore, I can’t imagine this new faction thing will be anything more than a source of quests and maybe a few perks.

      If AV wants to have a working faction system that amounts to more than just quests and churches, they need to create incentives for having a racial guild first and foremost. This is an extremely difficult thing to do because most of the obvious solutions (some of the more popular ones thrown around on Forumfall are “increased damage by X% buff” and other such combat perks) can unbalance combat. Players who follow lore shouldn’t have a physical combat advantage over someone who doesn’t, nuff said.

      AV needs to get creative with this one because it will require a handful of changes/additions – one perk won’t motivate guilds to go racial. Some examples are; integrating racial guild incentives in the new conquest system (racial guild territories in their respective racial area, perhaps?), lore guild only quests, additional/significant increase in rewards from village captures to racial guilds, etc.

      The new factions that they are trying to introduce won’t amount to much if ARAC persists. AV didn’t support their racial war premise at launch, they have yet to do so, and after looking at their track record of implementing new, successful systems – I have little faith that they can pull this one off to it’s full potential either.

  24. Thanks for the update Aventurine. It looks like you’re addressing a lot of very crucial things.

    The only downside is it looks like you guys have a long way to go before Arena is released :(

    Either way, continue to keep us informed, that’s all I ask.


  25. merery posting feedback on crafting gains.

    even though you (AV) have said that you fixed it on the friday (Day after patch), extensive testing has shown that crafting gains (on at the least) the following skills are completly unchanged as of today.

    - Enchanting
    Gains are no faster. crafting 157 enchants, at 94 skill, has a projected gain of ~0.6 – 0.8 – with an increase that should be (Somewhat) higher – this is not the case.

    - Armoursmithing mastery
    at 72 Mastery, the average gain is about ~1.0 per 16 crafts. after the patch i made 40 crafts (80 infernal fillers), which got me 2.7 in gains. (project gain:2.5)

    after this expensive escapede (IE: TRusting you had fixed it) i’ve decided not to test on.

    another played tested by making ~150 shipbuilding modules, which also saw no gain increase what so ever (at 50+ skill)


    Going on from this, it is very clear that gains have NOT been changed. somewhere in the line from the developer to the live server the change [b]is not working as intended/expected/announced/told[/b]

    i dont really care what is being spoken, when players across both servers are reporting that gains are NOT increased. [b]at all[/b]

    • I personally tested the before and after for tailoring. Doing it prepatch almost a year ago it took exactly 4740, doing it this time around it only took 4716, you cleary must be wrong ;P.

      Seriously though AV, you didnt.

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  32. Good job on making starter areas better :)

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  37. Adam Meade says:

    The DF Arena is coming when Hellfreeze is over? o_O

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